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Pediatrics ~ Residency ~ Triple Board Program

Welcome to Tulane Triple Board: Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry!

We would like to tell you about triple board training in general and at Tulane, our residents, our faculty, the three departments, and the city.

What is triple board training?

Triple Board Residents train in Pediatrics, General Psychiatry, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ("Triple Board Program") to become skilled physicians who integrate the clinical knowledge and skills of pediatrics and psychiatry to provide outstanding clinical care for children and their families. In five years, Triple Boarders become board-eligible in all three disciplines and can practice in any of the three. More importantly, Triple Boarders often use this combined training to develop unique career paths that cross the traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Why Tulane Triple Board?

Tulane combines the unique strengths of Tulane and opportunities of New Orleans with the 25+ year history of triple board training in the country. Our residents, faculty, the departments, the unique curricular innovations, and our city create an incredible environment for learning to provide comprehensive medical and mental health care to children and their families.

Our Faculty

Tulane's faculty includes triple board graduates and an accomplished and diverse group of pediatricians, general psychiatrists, and child adolescent psychiatrists, who work in true collaboration with psychologists, social workers, lawyers, and other health professionals in the departments of Pediatrics and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences.

The Three Departments

Triple Board training depends upon collaboration among the three disciplines of pediatrics, general psychiatry, and child & adolescent psychiatry (CAP).

The pediatrics training environment at Tulane provides one of the most diverse residency experiences in the country. Residents are exposed to a variety of primary and tertiary health care systems, including community outreach settings like a drop-in clinic, private hospitals and Tulane Medical Center.

The general psychiatry also experience provides clinical opportunities in public mental health settings, private inpatient settings, work with veterans, and growing telepsychiatry practice. The diversity of patient populations our residents treat is extraordinary - residents treat patients from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic status, urban/rural, and levels of psychiatric impairment.

In CAP training experiences, residents expand their assessment and treatment skills. We believe that child mental health problems can be best understood with an understanding the biological underpinnings of disorders, the psychological factors that exacerbate the disturbance or provide resilience, and the protective and risk factors in the family and social context. Our residents learn to apply this integrated approach working in inpatient and community settings, with children from infancy through adolescence.

Importantly, these three disciplines work together closely in the Triple Board training program and experiences in each discipline enhance the learning in the others. Tulane has a history of collaboration across traditional disciplinary boundaries even before the Triple Board Program began- many faculty members have joint appointments in CAP and pediatrics.

Triple Board Curricular Innovations

  • Triple board faculty - learn from triple-board trained attendings and nationally recognized categorically trained pediatricians, psychiatrists, and child and adolescent psychiatrists
  • Triple Board Clinic - Pediatric continuity clinic with supervision for physical and psychiatric issues by Pediatric and Triple Board attendings
  • Triple Board mentorship from day one!
  • Triple Board lunches - regular lunches with residents and faculty
  • Triple Board retreat - meet with triple board faculty, training directors, heads of each department and all residents to review the program and shape its future
  • Triple Board Journal Club - discuss triple-board relevant articles with triple board faculty

Bottom Line: Tulane Triple Board residency gives new doctors experiences that nurture and support their development into well-rounded, broadly thinking Triple Board physicians. Our commitment to your development of autonomy, responsibility, stewardship, and a sense of social justice are the pillars of the Tulane approach. If you want to be part of our community of scholars, if you are passionate about helping children and families, and if you want to work in supportive, stimulating and diverse clinical settings in a collegial interdisciplinary environment, you may be Tulane Triple Boarder!