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Neurosurgery Clinic

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of patient care and to meet or exceed the expectations of each of our patients every time.  We have assembled a team of surgeons, nurses and staff that are relentlessly committed to this goal.

We are also committed to a "disease-focused" approach rather than a "tool-based" approach to the care of our patients.  For example, for our patients with brain aneurysms or arteriovenous malformations (AVM), our neurosurgeons can each offer a given patient every treatment option whether it be minimally invasive aneurysm coiling or AVM embolization, open microsurgery for aneurysm coiling or AVM resection or stereotactic radiosurgery for AVM treatment. The samesurgeon is able to use all available tools in an unbiased fashion for each patient with a specific disease, rather than that patient seeing two or three different specialists in separate disciplines on multiple occasions for treatment (where each specialist performs only one type of treatment).

Our faculty has expertise to care for both adult and pediatric patients with any diseases of the nervous system requiring neurosurgical care.  In order for our Department to provide optimal care to our patients with diverse clinical problems, we have assembled specific Clinical Programs with expert staff and resources specific to a given patient’s condition.  

Each consultation in the office will include:

  • A complete evaluation of our patient followed by a detailed discussion of our findings
  • Treatment options and our recommendations for consideration (including printed patient education material).  

The visit will occupy whatever time is necessary to cover all issues and answer all questions.  Furthermore, an opportunity for further questions (should they arise after the visit) will be provided by telephone, patient portal or email.  Patients will be provided with our team's cell phone number as well.  Again, we are committed to complete patient satisfaction.