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Pediatrics ~ Tulane Pediatrics Clinics


Mon-Fri, 8:00-5:00pm
Central Time

Downtown or Uptown Square




Our clinics have a proud and distinguished history of providing care for the children of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region as well as for diverse populations from around the world. Our mission is to provide quality clinical services in general and specialty pediatrics. The Tulane Pediatrics Clinics are endowed with superb clinician-scientists who conduct cutting edge research in multiple areas such as human genetics, cancer, infectious disease, asthma and growth and development.

Our Doctors

General Pediatrics
Thomas Alchediak, MD
Theresa Dise, MD
Hosea Doucet, MD, MPH*
Patrice Evers, MD
Meghan Howell, MD
Stephen Weimer, MD
Mary Younger, MD

Adolescent Medicine
Sue Ellen Abdalian, MD*
James Farrow, MD
Julie Finger, MD
Edward Bonin, FNP

Allergy, Immunology & Rheumatology
Jane El-Dahr, MD*
John Carlson, MD
Song Gui Yang, MD
Cardiovascular Surgery
Child Psychiatry
Stacy Drury, MD
Mary Margaret Gleason, MD
Myo Myint, MD


Community Pediatrics
& Global Health

John Carlson, MD*
Kimberly Mukerjee, MD
Mary Rossi, MD
Craniofacial Reconstruction
David Jansen, MD
Thomas Moulthrop, MD
Hugo St. Hiliare, MD
Critical Care
Olugbenga Akingbola, MD
Edwin Frieberg, MD*
Dinesh Singh, MD
Erin Boh, MD*
Joseph Shrum, MD
Emergency Medicine
Julio Castillo, MD
Audrey Le, MD
Julia MacDonald, MD
Mary Rossi, MD
Sophie Lanciers, MD
Ear, Nose,  & Throat
Kimsey Rodriguez, MD

Uwe Blecker, MD

Hayward Genetics Center
Hans Andersson, MD*
Gabriella Pridjian, MD
Eva Morava-Kozicz, MD
Amina Rafique, MD
Tammuella Singleton, MD*
Margot Anderson, MD
Jessica DeBord, MD

Matthew Keane, MD*

Infectious Diseases
Richard Oberhelman, MD
James Robinson, MD
John Schieffelin, MD
Margarita Silio, MD
Russell Van Dyke, MD*

Terry Cummings, MD
Princess Dennar, MD*
Jessica DeBord, MD
Christopher Joplin, MD
Anjali Niyogi, MD

Lisa Barbiero, MD
Trey Dunbar, MD
Jay Goldsmith, MD*

Stephany Guiles, MD
Elizabeth Lindsay, MD

Samir El-Dahr, MD*
Ihor Yosypiv, MD

Stephen Nelson, MD
Aaron Dumont, MD
Robert A. Gordon, MD

James Bennett, MD*
Michelle Zembo, MD
Stephen Heinrich, MD

Steve Gibbons, MD

Plastic Surgery/
Burn Clinic

Abigail Chaffin, MD
Scott Davis, MD
Robert Hopkins, MD
Michael Kiernan, MD
Katherine Krail, NP
Harold Neitzschman, MD*

Clinic Locations

Tulane Lakeside Hospital for Women & Children - Metairie, LA
For Appointments: 504-988-8000

Tulane Lakeside Hospital for Women & Children
Pediatrics Clinic
4720 S. I-10 Service Road West
Metairie, LA  70001
504-988-8000 for appointments


Tulane Uptown Square Clinic
For Appointments: 504-988-6253

Tulane Uptown Square
Pediatrics Clinic
200 Broadway Street
New Orleans, LA 70118
504-988-6253 for appointments