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Admissions ~ Secondary Application

Every student who applies to TUSOM will need to fill out a secondary application. Once AMCAS verifies your application, they send the application to us. AMCAS can take a few weeks to verify your application, but once your primary application or AMCAS application is verified, AMCAS sends you an e-mail informing you Tulane has received your application. Within the next week, you will be emailed a secondary application from TUSOM. It is in your best interest to fill out your secondary application as soon as possible as we work on rolling admissions. Do not forget to check your spam mail for any communications. 

Early Decision Applicant

You must apply for Early Decision through AMCAS. You will only be able to submit your application to Tulane University School of Medicine. The deadline for submitting your application to AMCAS is August 1. All application materials must be submitted no later than September 1 and you must be available for interview September 1 through September 15. This includes your secondary, AMCAS application, MCAT scores, and letters of recommendation. You will be notified of acceptance the first week of October.

Deferred Applicant

You may apply as a deferred applicant if you were interviewed and accepted for a previous entering class. After acceptance to the previous class you must send a message via e-mail requesting a deferral. You must apply as a Deferred/Delayed Matriculation applicant through AMCAS.

Early Acceptance Applicant

This applicant must attend  Xavier University in New Orleans or Tulane Undergrad. The applicant is selected by the premedical advisor's office for this program during their sophomore year of undergraduate study. You will be notified of your acceptance as an Early Acceptance applicant by the premedical advisor's office. You must apply for Early Assurance through AMCAS.