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DeBakey Scholars Program ~ Thematic Areas

Basic Science Research: This research includes projects that test hypotheses using laboratory-based methods. Projects are in basic science areas important for physiological and cellular functions.

Clinical Research: This research is focused on studying human patient populations to obtain information useful for clinical diagnosis, prognosis and therapy.

Humanities and Social Sciences - The Human Side of Medicine: Research is oriented toward examination on human experience and an examination of the meaning and values associated with health, illness, and healing. The content area deals not only with descriptive questions – what is the case? – but also with normative questions – what should be the case?

Humanities and Social Sciences (cont.): The following disciplines are included in the humanities: ethics, law, art, literature, history, philosophy, and religious studies. The following disciplines are represented in the social sciences: sociology, psychology, health policy, and education.

Public Health and Epidemiology: This research is focused on studying patient groups rather than individuals. Why do some get certain illnesses, while others do not? How does one define and select populations to study? What can one learn from studying groups that one cannot learn from studying individuals? Populations can be studied with methodologies that range from simple description with interviews with written, audio or video records that can be analyzed using complex statistical models. The challenge is to identify questions that can be answered best through population-based studies, identify appropriate populations that are available to study, implement methodologies that will help answer the questions, and translate the answers into ways to improve human health.

Global Health – Understanding Health Across the Globe: A DeBakey Scholars Program project in Global health will focus on a specific topic or research question that applies to populations abroad or under-served populations in Louisiana. Projects are completed with the help of a faculty mentor with practical experience in global health.

The project may address any issue affecting the health of individuals and populations, and may take the form of clinical research, a humanities and social science question, or a public health/epidemiology inquiry.