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Residency Program Goals

The Goals of the Department are directed towards furthering our mission:

Anesthesia Care

We strive to continuously improve the quality of our care, so as to meet the expectations of both patients and colleagues. To do this, we seek to provide:

  1. excellent care during the perioperative period.
  2. efficient services performed in a timely fashion, ensuring prompt starts and minimal delays.
  3. cost-effective use of gases, supplies, drugs, and equipment.
  4. innovative planning for the future, e.g., for transplantation services.

In order to provide the best care, we must maintain a strict educational standard. For this, our goals are:

  1. to heighten the interest and knowledge of medical students in the art and practice of anesthesiology.
  2. to educate anesthesia residents so that they may become excellent practitioners and achieve uniform success in the Board Exams.
  3. to enhance the commitment of the department to medical education through participation in continuing medical education locally, regionally, and nationally.

Part of ensuring a quality education is instilling a strong spirit of inquiry, and there is no better way to do this than by encouraging our residents to do research. To this end, one of our major goals is to encourage:

  1. the procurement of funding for peer-reviewed projects.
  2. publication in peer-reviewed literature.
  3. presentation at scientific conferences and symposia.

Lastly, because our hospital serves such a large community, administrative efficiency and participation on the part of our residents is key to maintaining the vital services we provide. Essentially, the better our residents, faculty, and staff work together, the more we are in a position to save lives. For this reason, our residents are strongly encouraged to:

  1. participate in hospital administration, particularly with respect to the efficient functioning of the operating rooms.
  2. participate in medical school committees, particularly those involved with education and research.
  3. collaborate to ensure a positive work environment and the smooth running of the department.