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EMT Hybrid Course

Tulane Center for Advanced Medical Simulation and Team Training is proud to announce the introduction of our Hybrid EMT training program. This course is designed for those students who work a full-time job and schedules do not allow attendance for a standard course held on campus. Our hybrid online course will prepare you to take the Louisiana Psychomotor Examination and the National Registry of EMT's written examination. Students will complete an intense thirteen-week online program and will travel to our center for 7 days of practical skills training.

The schedule for the Hybrid EMT Course will be:

Monday, June 1- Online Zoom Session (Mandatory)

Zoom Sessions June dates- June 11, June 16, June 25

July dates- July 9, July 14, July 21, July 28, July 30

August dates- Aug 4, Aug 6, Aug 11, Aug 13, Aug 18, Aug 20, Aug 27

September dates- Sep 1, Sep 3, Sep 8, Sep 10 (Mandatory)


The Zoom Session on June 1st will start at 6 pm. The in-person dates that are July through September, will have two times for most dates. 12-4 pm and 5-9 pm. This is being done to allow for increased access to complete skill stations as well as practice social distancing and allows for time to sanitize equipment in between sessions. 

The September 10th date if the course final that will be held at the Sim Center, starting at 5 pm. This is mandatory attendance for all students as the psychomotor and cognitive assessments will be administered. 

For any questions, please contact our program coordinator Jared Kimball at 504-988-7266 or by email at jkimbal@tulane.edu.

Included in this course will be American Heart Association Basic Life Support HeartCode and Jones & Bartlett Learning Management System (LMS) Navigate2 is the E-book Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured 11th Edition.