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Tulane Center for Translational Research in Infection & Inflammation ~ Research Projects

  1. T-Cells and P. carinii Pneumonia

    The aims of this project are to understand mechanisms by which CD4+ T-cells provide host defense against Pneumocystis infection.

  2. Th17 Cytokines and Lung Immunity

    The Aims of this project are to understand the role of Th17 cytokines in mucosal immunity against K. pneumoniae and S. aureus in the lung.

  3. Generation of Novel Human Monoclonals for Lung Disease

    Cystic Fibrosis is the most common lethal genetic disease in the US and is characterized by chronic infection inflammation in the airway. We have identified an important role of the immune system in controlling the infection in these patients and this proposal will try to develop novel therapies for lung infections based on these observations.

  4. Improved Therapeutics and Diagnostics for Pneumocystis Pneumonia

    This project will identify novel targets to improve treatment outcomes as well as improve diagnostics for this pneumonia in patients lacking CD4+ T-cell immunity such as advanced AIDS.

  5. Advancing point of care diagnostics for Pediatric Pneumonia

    The goal of this project is to develop point of care non-invasive diagnostics for pneumonia in HIV infected children