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Core Facilities

Shared Instrumentation Facility

For all the questions you have to ask, we have the tools to help you answer them.

HOURS: Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:30 - 5:00 pm.

LOCATION: We are located in Room 6722 of the Medical School.

FEES: Please see Miriam Ruiz for details.

Imaging and Detection

  • Nano Drop ND-1000 Spectrophotometers ND-2000
  • Packard Tri-Carb 1600CA Liquid Scintilation Analyzer
  • Nikon Eclipse Ti2 Confocal Microscope
  • Nicoya Open SPR
Sample Processing and Analysis

  • BioRad PCR - Thermal Cycler
  • BioRad Gel Dryer
  • SLM AMINCO French Press
  • Thermo Fisher Quant Studio Real-Time PCR
  • Beckman Coulter Particle Analyzer
Liquid Chromatography

  • BioRad Biologic Duo Flow QualTee System with Fraction Collector

  • Sorvall RC3C Low-Speed Centrifuge for 6 x 1 liter buckets
  • Beckman Avanti JE Centrifuge
  • Sorval Legend Benchtop Centrifuge
  • Rotors available
Supply Center