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Transmembrane β-Barrel Database (TMBB-DB)

The TMBB-DB was developed and is maintained by the lab of William Wimley. This database is a compilation of the predictions made by the Freeman-Wimley algorithm, which was shown to be among the most accurate predictor of TMBBs.[ref] Also included are N-terminal export signal peptide predictions made by the SignalP server.[ref]


Transmembrane β-Barrels (TMBBs) are a structural class of membrane-spanning protein found in the outer membranes of Gram-negative bacteria, mitochondria and chloroplasts. As membrane proteins have proven to be difficult to characterize experimentally, computational methods have arisen to assist scientists in identifying TMBB sequences. While the amount of sequence data grows increasingly vast, computational prediction methods become increasingly more important in sifting through the copious data. accurate predictors of sequences which can adopt the TMBB structure.

Freeman-Wimley Analysis Tool

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Transmembrane β-Barrel Database (TMBB-DB) Downloads

Download complete database flat files. The files are stored as gzip archives (Windows users may decompress using 7-Zip or WinRar).

All sequences tmbbdb_seqs.fasta.gz (400.9 MB)

All records tab-delimited (41.7 MB)

Download Freeman-Wimley β-barrel analysis software (Windows 32-bit).

Download page of F-W-BB_analysis.exe