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November 2022

Two Million Life-Years / $21 Billion in Earnings Lost Annually Due to Smoking-Associated Cancer Deaths


ACS Life Years Lost
A new study led by researchers at the American Cancer Society (ACS) reports nearly 123,000 cancer deaths, or close to 30 percent of all cancer deaths, were from cigarette smoking in the United States in 2019, leading to more than two million Person-Years of Lost Life (PYLL) and nearly $21 billion in annual lost earnings. These losses were disproportionately higher in states with weaker tobacco control policies in the South and Midwest. The results were published in the International Journal of Cancer.

“Our study provides further evidence that smoking continues to be a leading cause of cancer-related death and to have a huge impact on the economy across the U.S.,” said Dr. Farhad Islami, senior scientific director, cancer disparity research at the American Cancer Society and lead author of the study. “We must continue to help individuals to quit using tobacco, prevent anyone from starting, and work with elected officials at all levels of government for broad and equitable implementation of proven tobacco control interventions.”

For the study, the authors estimated the proportions and numbers of cigarette smoking-attributable cancer deaths and associated PYLL and lost earnings among individuals, aged 25-79 years, in 2019 in the U.S. nationally and by state. As smoking-attributable cancer deaths occur more commonly in individuals with lower socioeconomic status, they used education-specific data for each state to account for variations in employment status, wages, and smoking-attributable mortality by socioeconomic status. Cancers associated with cigarette smoking that were evaluated in this study included cancers of the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, colorectum, liver and intrahepatic bile duct, pancreas, larynx, lung and bronchus, cervix, kidney and renal pelvis, urinary bladder, and acute myeloid leukemia.

The study results showed death rates were highest in the 13 states with generally weaker tobacco control policies and higher cigarette smoking prevalence. These states include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Also, the annual PYLL rate for these states was 46.8% higher than in other states and the District of Columbia (1,431 per 100,000 population compared to 975 per 100,000). In addition, the lost earnings rate for these states was 44% higher ($11.2 million per 100,000 population compared to $7.8 million per 100,000) than in other states and the District of Columbia.

The study also found that if PYLL and lost earning rates in Utah (the state with the lowest PYLL rate) had been achieved by all states, more than half of the estimated total PYLL and lost earnings in 2019 nationally would have been avoided. The proportion of avoidable PYLL and lost earnings by state exceeded 50% in 39 states and the District of Columbia for PYLL and in 30 states for lost earnings.

“Increasing the price of cigarettes through excise taxes is the single most effective policy for reducing smoking. In many states, state tobacco excise tax rates remain low, particularly in the states with the highest smoking rates,” said Dr. Ahmedin Jemal, senior vice president, surveillance and health equity science at the American Cancer Society, and senior author of the study. “Eliminating existing gaps in Medicaid and private insurance coverage of cessation services is an important intervention to reduce smoking-related cancers. This would also provide access to all types of counseling and all medications approved by the FDA without cost-sharing to the patient.”

“This report further demonstrates just how critical reducing tobacco use is to ending suffering and death from cancer,” said Lisa Lacasse, president of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), the advocacy affiliate of the American Cancer Society. “To end the scourge of tobacco on this country, reduce the health disparities it inflicts, and decrease tobacco-related diseases like cancer, we need local, state, and federal lawmakers to pass proven tobacco control policies, including regular and significant tobacco tax increases, comprehensive statewide smoke-free laws, adequate funding for state tobacco prevention and cessation programs and ensure all Medicaid enrollees have access to comprehensive tobacco cessation services including all three types of counseling and all FDA-approved medications. We have the tools to get this done, we just need lawmakers to act.”

ACS Earnings Lost

Tulane's Low-Dose CT Lung Screening Saves Lives

Mark Sides MD

According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer (both small cell and non-small cell) is the second most common cancer in both men and women, and is by far the leading cause of cancer death, accounting for almost a quarter of all cancer deaths. Each year, more people die of lung cancer than of colon, breast, and prostate cancers combined.
On a positive note, lung cancer incidence and mortality continue to decrease, partly because more people have given up smoking, but also because of advances in early detection and treatment.
Low-dose CT lung cancer screenings – offered at Tulane Lakeside and Tulane Medical Center – can help detect lung cancers at their earliest stages, when they are most treatable.
"The earlier you find the cancer, the better the prognosis," said Mark Sides, MD, PhD, head of Tulane's Thoracic Oncology Program. "This screening can save your life. Five-year survival rates go down dramatically with each stage of the disease. If we can catch stage 1 – when lung cancer is typically asymptomatic – then it's a surgical issue. The surgeon goes in, removes the tumor and the patient is cured."
Patients at high risk for lung cancer who may benefit from CT screening:

  •     Are between the ages of 50 and 80
  •     Are current smokers or quit within the last 15 years
  •     Have a 20-pack-year history of smoking

In addition to the above characteristics, individuals are considered to be at high risk for lung cancer if they also have any ONE of the following risk factors:

  •     Documented high radon exposure
  •     Occupational exposure to silica, cadmium, asbestos, arsenic, beryllium, chromium, nickel or diesel fumes
  •     Survivor of lung cancer, lymphoma, or head and neck cancer
  •     History of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or pulmonary fibrosis
  •     Family history of lung cancer

Secondhand smoke exposure is NOT an independent risk factor for lung cancer CT screening.

This non-invasive, painless test only takes a few minutes. Radiation exposure from low-dose CT is slightly more than an x-ray but less than 10% of the radiation from a standard CT scan. "Anything actionable will be picked up with much less radiation," said Dr. Sides. "If a detected lesion is below a certain size, we simply watch it, do serial screenings, and if it doesn't change, it doesn't change. It's very unlikely it's cancer."
Most insurance providers cover low-dose CT lung cancer screening for patients who meet the high-risk criteria listed above. Please check with your insurance provider to confirm screening coverage.

A CT scan requires a physician's order. If you are interested in a low-dose CT screening, please call 504-988-1200 or have your doctor call with a referral.

For more information, please contact the Tulane Lung Nodule Nurse Navigator at 504-988-2247.

WWL Highlights World's First Breast Cancer Survivor Helped by Technology Born at Tulane

The very first woman to benefit from breakthrough areola reconstruction talks about this life-changing technology.  To view the video, please click here.

Robes Provide Comfort to Breast Cancer Patients at Tulane


The Karen T. Stall Research & Breast Institute donated these robes to make Tulane breast cancer patients feel more comfortable while undergoing treatments and exams. (Story by Bethany Barnoski; photo by Cheryl Gerber)


Karen T. Stall knows the anxiety and stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. A survivor of breast cancer, Stall made it her mission to help other patients going through that same experience. Her foundation, the Karen T. Stall Research and Breast Institute, partners with healthcare facilities across the Gulf South including Tulane Doctors Breast Cancer Center. The foundation recently donated 113 robes to make Tulane patients feel more comfortable and at ease.

The plush waffle robes are available at Tulane Doctors-Surgical Oncology Northshore Clinic and Tulane Lakeside Hospital. Being surrounded in comfort while in the clinic has had a significant impact on how patients feel when they are receiving treatments, and some have even commented that they feel relaxed.

"I am so grateful we have these robes," said Caroline Graham, PA-C, an instructor of surgery in the Division of Oncologic Surgery at Tulane University School of Medicine. "Many clinic gowns don't provide full coverage, and these robes are very soft and provide full closure. It's similar to being at a spa or a robe they would wear at home."


Tulane Doctors Breast Cancer Center offers state-of-the-art care for overall breast health. Tulane offers 3D Tomosynthesis imaging, which has become the gold standard for breast cancer screening because it can detect cancer earlier than traditional 2D screening. The Karen T. Stall Research and Breast Institute is focused on making sure all patients have access to this better imaging. You can donate to their mission here.

Blue Ribbon Soirée Surpasses $1 Million Mark in Funds Raised for Prostate Cancer Research


Brad and Jo Lanehart, Lourdes and Jeff Kadair, and Frances and Gary McConnell have been generous sponsors of the Blue Ribbon Soiree since its first year. (Photos by In Register)

The 11th Annual Blue Ribbon Soirée, held October 20 at the Baton Rouge Renaissance Hotel, raised a record $170,000, propelling the organization to a cumulative $1.25 million raised for prostate cancer research and awareness since its inception.

Soirée was started in 2011 by the friends and families of Drs. Larry Ferachi and Joel Nasca, who sadly lost their battles with prostate cancer. "We founded the Blue Ribbon Soirée to honor these two incredible men," said Ricky Lato, co-chair and co-founder of the organization. "Over the last 11 years, with the support of the community and the hard work of so many committee members, the event has raised over a million dollars for research and awareness. Never did we imagine we'd hit these heights. Nor did we fully understand how our decision to pursue this venture would become one of the most rewarding and fulfilling parts of our lives."

Funds raised through the event benefit Dr. Oliver Sartor's Prostate Cancer Research Program here at Tulane Cancer Center. Drs. Ferachi and Nasca conducted extensive research and traveled the country participating in clinical trials after their diagnoses. They were most impressed with Dr. Sartor, and the Soiree planning committee feels it is important to continue their quest to support Dr. Sartor's research.

"It is difficult to adequately express my gratitude for the support provided by the Blue Ribbon Soirée or the importance of this effort to my team's research progress," said Dr. Sartor. "To have the commitment and resolve of such a tremendously motivated and generous group of volunteers and donors behind us is simply invaluable to our efforts. We know you are with us every step of the way, and that level of encouragement pushes us forward and sharpens our focus each and every day."

"We know Larry and Joel would be proud of what has been accomplished in their names," said Lato.

For more information on the Blue Ribbon Soirée, visit www.blueribbonsoiree.org.



Krewe de Pink "Sweet Survivors"/Others Honored at City Council's Breast Cancer Awareness Day

 The New Orleans City Council recently hosted its annual Breast Cancer Awareness Day, where local survivors, including those previously honored by the grassroots fundraising organization Krewe de Pink at their 2022 Death by Chocolate Not Breast Cancer event, were presented with proclamations from the city. Krewe de Pink honorees in attendance included Chef Grace Landry; Lena Stewart, special projects coordinator for Councilmember Oliver Thomas; Maria Cordoro Stambaugh; and Caitrin Gladow. Michele Goldfarb attended on behalf of Dianne Honore, who was displaying her incredible Mardi Gras Indian costumes at an exhibit in Paris, and Sweet Survivor Chontel Carter was out of town. Carol Osborne, president emeritus of Krewe de Pink, and Matthew Burow, PhD (third from right), whose breast cancer research lab here at Tulane benefits from funds raised by the organization, also joined the festivities.


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Pink Bra Run Goes VIRTUAL This Year!
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January 2020
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March 2019
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February 2019
Improving Access to Care Top Priority for New Genitourinary Cancers Expert
Study Finds Genetic Risks Associated With Prostate Cancer are Underestimated
Greenberg Family Endowment Boosts Fight Against Prostate Cancer
8th Annual One Man Shoot: Proving "One Man Can Make a Difference"
Gunning for a Cure Sets New Record, Raising $220K for Prostate Cancer Research
Tulane Medical Students Raise Money for Pediatric Cancer Research

January 2019
New Gynecologic Oncologist Aims to Reduce Cervical Cancer Rates in NOLA
Tulane Study Finds Potential Role for Personality Psychology in Cancer Care
Sixth Annual Gunning for a Cure Benefits Prostate Cancer Research
Student Athletes Provide Much-Needed Financial Assistance to Cancer Patients

December 2018
Improving Early Prostate Cancer Detection: Latest Technology Combines Imaging/Biopsy Tools to Improve Accuracy of Diagnosis
Advanced Cancer Patients Can Live Longer with Palliative Care, Tulane Study Says
Serve and Assist: Student Athletes Raise Funds for Patient Relief

November 2018
Prostate Cancer Patients Target of New $1.6M Tulane Study
Tulane Opens Novocure Trial for Patients with Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
The Great American Smokeout ® - Quitting Starts Here!
8th Annual Blue Ribbon Soiree Sets Record, Raising $130K for Prostate Cancer Research
Krewe de Pink Celebrates New Orleans-Style, Donating $35K to Breast Cancer Research!

October 2018
Researcher Examines Role of DNA-Damaging Elements in Aging/Age-Related Diseases
Lynch Syndrome Can Lead to Cancer — Why Physicians Don't Test For It
Fifth NOLA Bluedoo a Record-Setting Success - Raises $193K for Prostate Cancer Research

August 2018
Tulane Cancer Center to Host Free Prostate Cancer Seminar
Fifth Annual NOLA Bluedoo Celebrates Prostate Cancer Survivorship New Orleans-Style
Tulane Doctor Elected to Elite Surgery College

July 2018
Tulane Welcomes Kendra Harris, MD, MSc - New Interim Chair of Radiation Oncology
Nakhle Saba Receives Ladies Leukemia League Grant to Study New Target for ALL
Bryan Subaru & LLS Bring Comfort to Patients Through Subaru Loves to Care Initiative

June 2018
Repurposed Drug Approach May Halt Spread of Cancer Cells
Tulane Head and Neck Experts Lead Call for HPV Vaccines
American Cancer Society Updates Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines

May 2018
Tulane Cancer Center Now Offering Imaging Tool to Detect Recurring Prostate Cancer
Grant Supports Smoking Cessation Education for Outpatient Mental Health Facilities
It's All About the Pink - Third Annual Pink Bra Run Supports Breast Cancer Research
Cancer Crusaders Donate $169,000 to Tulane/LSU Cancer Research Programs

April 2018
Grant Supports Smoking Cessation Program for Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients
Med Student Takes Top Honors at Recent Meeting
State Rep. Julie Stokes to Lead 3rd Annual Pink Bra 5K Fun Run
7th Annual One Man Shoot Raises $130,000 for Prostate Cancer Research
Grant Supports Smoking Cessation Program For Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients

March 2018
Researcher Explores Unique Genetic Mutation Associated with Liver Cancer
Healing Hands Across the Divide: Evolving to Address Cancer Disparities
Gunning for a Cure Raises $192K for Prostate Cancer Research

February 2018
Tulane Oncologist Outlines Prostate Cancer Treatment Advances in New England Journal of Medicine
Pink Games raise money — and hope — for patients fighting cancer

May 25, 2017
Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy Works Better for African-American Men
Cancer Crusaders Present Check for $210K
Free Skin Cancer Screenings Offered at Downtown Dermatology Clinic
National Cancer Survivor's Day
Celebration Planned
Second Annual Pink Bra Run -
Great Fun for a Great Cause

April 25, 2017
"Scarless Thyroid Surgery" on Agenda at Thyroid/Parathyroid & Skin Malignancies Symposia
Free Skin Cancer Screenings Offered at Covington Clinic
Second Annual Pink Bra Run Scheduled for Mother's Day Weekend

April 11, 2017
Tulane Researcher Shows Education Can Ease Fear in Cancer Patients
Thanks A Million!

March 10, 2017
Komen Grant Supports Study of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ
One Man Can Make a Difference: 6th Annual One Man Shoot Takes Aim at Prostate Cancer
2017 Gunning for a Cure Fundraiser Exceeds $500,000 Goal!

February 16, 2017
Leading Study Backs Hormone Therapy With Radiation for Recurrent Prostate Cancer
Victory Bell: Donation Helps Cancer Patients Celebrate Survivorship

February 3, 2017
Genetic Counselors Help Patients Better Understand Inherited Cancer Risk
Perez Family Targets Prostate Cancer Through Sporting Clays Event

January 26, 2017
Tulane Researchers Find Tumor-Suppressing Protein Actually Promotes Cancer
Tickled Pink: Local Student Athletes Assist Breast Cancer Patients