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Goals & Objectives


Mission Statement for Tulane Neurology Residency Program

The Tulane University Neurology Residency Program strives to provide its trainees with the knowledge and skill sets necessary to become not only experts in the practice of clinical neurology in both office and hospital settings but compassionate and dedicated physicians.   The program aims to instill the habits that will promote life-long learning and self-improvement.

Our goals of the residency program include:

  • Delivery of excellent care to patients with neurologic disease
  • Nurturing a learning, work, and care environment characterized by professionalism, integrity, mutual respect, cooperation, mentorship, and open lines of communication
  • Contributing to the expansion of clinical and educational opportunities in New Orleans and beyond by performing and publishing clinical and educational research
  • Promotion of professional and personal growth of faculty, residents, students and staff in a climate of teamwork, collaboration and collegiality
  • Promotion of an environment that emphasizes humanity in interpersonal interactions while collaborating with other departments and other health care institutions
  • Training of residents to become expert consultants to the patients and the general practitioners in the surrounding community
  • Training compassionate and ethical physicians who are passionate advocates for patients
  • Training physicians who can take full advantage of the electronic medical record (EMR) and use the most modern technology available to them for patient care and communication
  • Training physicians who are capable of balancing the demands of both personal growth and professional development
  • Development of a curriculum that offers a foundation of diagnosis and management of patients with complex neurological disorders, knowledge of the professional and business aspects of medicine as well as promotion of lifelong intellectual curiosity


The Neurology Training Program at Tulane University provides a broad exposure to acute and chronic neurological diseases, emphasizing inpatient and outpatient experiences at the Tulane University and affiliated hospitals and through the elective rotations in subspecialty areas.The Program is focused on developing the skills required to become a competent clinical neurologist.

The goals and objectives for the Neurology Training Program are:

  • Residents will develop expertise in the recognition, management and appropriate referral of neurological conditions encountered in neurology practice, including but not limited to dementia, stroke, movement disorders, chronic pain and seizure disorders
  • Residents will demonstrate the ability to conduct initial neurological evaluations, to participate in the subsequent diagnostic process and to help manage patients during the treatment and/or evolution of their neurological conditions.
  • Residents will demonstrate professional and ethical behavior in the care of their patients and in their interactions with other health care providers.

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