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Retina Fellowship

The Tulane Department of Ophthalmology offers a one-year Retina Fellowship program, beginning July 1 through June the following year. Under the direction of Dr. James G. Diamond, fellows gain significant patient care and teaching experience and enjoy research opportunities in the subspecialty.

The program is designed to help fellows develop skills and judgment in the medical and surgical management of vitreo-retinal disorders. Specific experiences are gained in the diagnostic modalities of ultrasonography, fluorescein angiography, and electrophysiology. The surgical management of congenital malformations, diabetic retinopathy, trauma, and inflammatory diseases of the eye are emphasized. Standard scleral buckle procedures (episcleral, flaps, hard silicone, sponges, and drainage) and the newest vitrectomy techniques with the Accuras and Millenium units, PFO, silicone oil and gases are taught. Read More

The program includes hands-on training in subretinal and translocation retinal procedures. Indirect ophthalmoscopic (free hand) and wide-angle visual surgical viewing systems are used in conjunction with routine intraocular surgical techniques. Laser procedures, including the newest, dye-laser and photodynamic therapeutic modalities, are performed routinely by fellows. Extensive training is offered in the actual performance of IVFA (film and digital) and its interpretation.

The Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System in New Orleans provides the major stage upon which the fellow will perform. There are, in addition, two outlying Veterans Administration Hospitals and University Medical Center that refer emergency patients to the Tulane Ophthalmology Department. The senior fellow, under Dr. Diamond’s direction, assumes primary responsibility in managing these services. The retinal fellow is in charge of all the vitreo-retinal surgeries to be done. This will include a minimum of three major surgical cases performed entirely by the fellow per week and several cases in which the fellow serves as primary assistant. In addition, the fellow will be directly involved in the care and management of all private patients at Tulane Medical Center. Fellows are engaged in full-time clinical activities under the direct supervision of Dr. Diamond.

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