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Louisiana Law

As stated in the web site of the Louisiana Legislature, Act 398 of the 2014 legislature was effective on June 1, 2014. This act allowed optometrists to use “scalpel, cryoprobe, laser, electric cautery, or ionizing radiation” on patients. It excluded major eye surgery, such as intraocular surgery; however, future expansion of optometrists’ scope of practice was left up to the Louisiana State Board of Optometry, not a board of true physicians. Therefore, the optometric profession in Louisiana can decide for itself what it wants to do in the future. The Optometry Surgery law may be seen here.  The bill was signed into law by Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, a Republican.

In fact, a Louisiana senator who is an optometrist was heard to tell a patient that, in a couple of months, “I’ll be able to do your cataract surgery.”

Representatives who voted for the bill were as follows:

District   Name Party
1   James Morris Republican
2   Roy Burrell Democratic
7   Richard T. Burford Republican
9   Henry L. Burns Republican
10   Eugene Reynolds Democratic
11   Patrick O. Jefferson Democratic
12   Robert E. Shadoin Republican
16   Katrina Jackson Democratic
19   Charles R. Chaney Republican
20   Steve E. Pylant Republican
21   John F. "Andy" Anders Democratic
22   Terry R. Brown Independent
24   Frank A. Howard Republican
28   Robert A. Johnson Democratic
29   Regina Barrow Democratic
30   James K. Armes, III Democratic
31   Nancy Landry Republican
32   Dorothy Sue Hill Democratic
35   Brett F. Geymann Republican
37   John E. Guinn Republican
38   H. Bernard LeBas Democratic
39   Stephen J. Ortego Democratic
40   Ledricka Thierry Democratic
42   Jack Montoucet Democratic
44   Vincent J. Pierre Democratic
46   Mike Huval Republican
47   Bob Hensgens Republican
48   Taylor F. Barras Republican
49   Simone B. Champagne Republican
50   Sam Jones Democratic
51   Joe Harrison Republican
52   Gordon E Dove, Sr. Republican
54   Jerry Gisclair Democratic
55   Jerome "Dee" Richard Independent
56   Gregory A. Miller Republican
59   Eddie J. Lambert Republican
60   Karen Gaudet St. Germain Democratic
62   Kenneth E. Havard Republican
63   Dalton W. Honoré Democratic
64   Valarie Hodges Republican
65   Barry Ivey Republican
67   Patricia Haynes Smith Democratic
69   Erich E. Ponti Republican
71   J. Rogers Pope Republican
72   John Bel Edwards Democratic
73   Stephen E. Pugh Republican
75   Harold L Ritchie Democratic
77   John M. Schroder, Sr. Republican
80   Joseph P. Lopinto, III Republican
81   Clay Schexnayder Republican
83   Robert E. Billiot Democratic
85   Bryan Adams Republican
86   Christopher Broadwater Republican
87   Ebony Woodruff Democratic
88   John A. Berthelot Republican
89   Timothy G. Burns Republican
91   Walt Leger III Democratic
92   Thomas P. Willmott Republican
95   Sherman Q. Mack Republican
96   Terry Landry, Sr Democratic
98   Neil C. Abramson Democratic
99   Wesley T. Bishop Democratic
100   Austin J Badon, Jr. Democratic
102   Jeffery J Arnold Democratic
103   Raymond E. Garofalo, Jr. Republican
105   Christopher J. Leopold Republican


Senators who voted for the bill were as follows:

District   Name Party
2   Troy E. Brown Democratic
3   Jean-Paul J. Morrell Democratic
5   Karen Carter Peterson Democratic
6   Mack “Bodi” White Republican
7   David Heitmeier (optometrist) Democratic
12   Ben Nevers Democratic
13   Dale M. Erdey Republican
14   Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb Democratic
17   Rick Ward, III Republican
18   “Jody” Amedee Republican
20   Norbèrt N. “Norby” Chabert Republican
21   R.L. “Bret” Allain Republican
22   Fred H. Mills, Jr. Republican
23   Page Cortez Republican
25   Dan “Blade” Morrish Republican
26   Jonathan “J.P.” Perry Republican
28   Eric LaFleur Democratic
29   Rick Gallot Democratic
30   John R. Smith Republican
31   Gerald Long Republican
34   Francis Thompson Democratic
35   Robert W. “Bob” Kostelka Republican
36   Robert Adley Republican
38   Sherri Smith Buffington Republican
39   Gregory Tarver Democratic