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1. Patient Allowed To Go Blind From a Corneal Abrasion more

This 46 yo man was hit in his eye with a tree branch, He saw an optometrist who gave him prednisolone (a strong steroid) for his corneal abrasion and then followed him for 3 weeks. After the patient developed a corneal ulcer, the OD referred him to a corneal specialist who began aggressive treatment. However, the patient developed fungal endophthalmitis, requiring, in order, a washout, then a vitrectomy, then a corneal transplant with lens removal. He then developed secondary glaucoma with eye pressure in the 50s. Thus, he required a glaucoma shunt and then another corneal transplant. All this started in 2015. Now, in 2017, he has a clear graft with a sewn-in IOL, but his final visual acuity is CF (counting fingers). He was blinded by an optometrist who didn't know what he was looking at and didn't know what he was doing.

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