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Pathology PhD Program

Ph.D. students in Pathology receive extensive training in the mechanisms of human disease, which emphasizes cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, immunology and microbiology. Pathology integrates these areas of study with the goal of improving disease management at the organismal level. Using a variety of research tools provides our doctoral students an understanding of disease processes that allows them to translate mechanistic insights from the laboratory to the clinic.Read More

Pathology doctoral students must be admitted to the Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Graduate Program. BMS Ph.D. students receive tuition remission, a stipend for living expenses, and health insurance. The first year of BMS training includes laboratory rotations and a core curriculum designed to give students a background in a variety of disciplines and research approaches. After selection of a research mentor at the end of the first year, the second year of the program provides students the opportunity to perform research and receive specialized instruction in specific areas of interest. Admission to candidacy for the Ph.D. is granted after successful completion of the qualifying exam at the beginning of the third year. Pathology Ph.D. students present their ongoing research to the assembled researchers in the department once or twice per academic year in the weekly Pathology Research Conference. Generally, students complete their scholarly research and successfully defend their dissertation in 4-5 years.

For more information regarding the Pathology Ph.D. program, contact Dr. Gil Morris.

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Pathology Research Faculty

The table below provides a synopsis of research areas and contact information for research faculty in the Pathology Department. Click on individual faculty names for links to more detailed research descriptions.

Tulane School of Medicine

Investigator Phone
Email (@Tulane.edu) Office System/Organ Disease of Emphasis
Chen, Wei 0474 wchen18 318 BIC Bone aging, inflammation, bone metastasis
Dash, Srikanta, PhD 2519 sdash 6503 Liver hepatitis viruses, immune injury, cancer
Flemington, Erik, PhD 1167 erik 814 LCRC EBV/Immune cancer, transcriptomics, bioinformatics
Gragert, Loren, PhD 7219 lgragert 811 LCRC Immune immunogenetics, transplant informatics
Han, Chang, MD, PhD 7195 chan 8301A Liver hepatocellular carcinoma, epigenetics
Khambu, Bilon, PhD 6024 bkhambu 6549A Liver Liver metabolism, regeneration and cancer
Lee, Sean, PhD 1331 slee30 808 LCRC Pediatric cancers chromosomal translocations
Li, Yi-Ping, PhD 0475 yli81 319 NOBIC Immune/ Musculoskeletal Cancer, Immune, oral and Musculoskeletal Diseases
Lin, Zhen, MD, PhD 1506 zlin 742 LCRC Epstein-Barr virus virus-associated cancers, bioinformatics
Morris, Gilbert, PhD 6953 gmorris2 257 JBJ Lung cancer, fibrosis, environmental exposures
Savkovic, Suzana, PhD 1409 ssavkovi 306 JBJ Colon lipid droplets, inflammation, cancer
Tian, Di, MD, PhD 0793 dtian2 6513 Brain cancer, sleep, molecular diagnostics
Wu, Tong, MD, PhD 5210 twu 8712B Liver inflammation, carcinogenesis, signaling
Yin, Xiao-Ming, MD, PhD 1162 xmyin 6519 Liver autophagy, alcoholic-, fatty-liver disease
Zhang, Haitao, PhD 7696 hzhang 807 LCRC Prostate cancer, androgen signaling
Zhang, Jinqiang, PhD 5209 jzhang 8301 Liver noncoding RNAs, signaling


Tulane National Primate Center

Investigator Phone (985-871-) Email (@tulane.edu) System/Organ Disease Process
Cariappa Annaiah, MBBS, MD 6632 carippa Immune inflammation
Robert Blair, DVM, PhD 6426 rblair3 Immune infectious disease
Peter Didier, DVM, PhD 6289 pjdidier Immune infectious disease
Ronald Veazey, DVM, PhD 6228 rveazey Immune SIV/HIV
Xiaolei Wang, PhD 6618 xwang Immune infectious disease
Huanbin Xu, PhD 6401 hxu Immune SIV/HIV


Current Pathology PhD students

Student Lab Phone (504-988-) Email (@tulane.edu) Lab Room Mentor Research Topic
D. Giovanni Baigini
D. Giovanni Biagini

7219 dbiagini 814

Predicting HLA serological types with machine learning

Morgan Collins
Morgan Collins

1409 mcollins2 314

Colon carcinogenesis

 Marian Dribus
Marian Dribus

7219 mdribus 814

HLA antibody markup language (HAML)- DP81 epitope analysis

 Dane Flinchum
Dane Flinchum

1331 dflinchum 808

Epigenetic analyses of desmoplastic small round cell tumor

Bonita Hartono
Bonita Hartono

1331 ahartono 808

SIK1 promotes tumorigenesis in desmoplastic small round cell tumor

Rida Iftikhar
Rida Iftikhar

1409 riftikhar 314

Adipose triglyceride lipase in lipid droplet utilization in colon cancer

Justin Magrath
Justin Magrath*

1331 jmagrath 808

Desmoplastic small round cell tumor stem cells

Arissa Mercer
Arissa Mercer

0286 amercer 6710 Yin/Khambu

Liver Pathology

Sudurika Mukhopadhyay
Sudurika Mukhopadhyay

6923 smukhopa 221

herpesvirus in lung tumorigenesis

Grace Wager
Grace Wager

7219 gwager 814

Transplant informatics

Natacha Jn-Simon

2869 njnsimon 7315 Pi

Nonalcoholic and Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

*PSP student

Career Development Resources

The BMS office has an individual dedicated to career counseling. The Office of Graduate and Post-doctoral Studies (OGPS) offers career counseling and workshops to assist in career development. Career workshop information is distributed to all interested parties via Canvas.

Contact Lauren Lukkarila (llukkarila@tulane.edu) to be included in Canvas distributions. Additional resources for career development can be found on the Office of Graduate and Post-doctoral Studies website (ogps.tulane.edu).

Department Alumni

Name Start Year End Year Mentor First Possition Current Possition
Aboulnasr, Fatma 2011 2015 Dash Research fellow. Mayo Clinic. 2015-2018 Pediatrics residency. Texas Tech University. 2020-2024
Cao, Subing 2008 2014 Flemington Postdoctoral fellow. Tulane University. 2014-2019  
Concha, Monica 2009 2015 Flemington Postdoc, InnoGenomics Technology, New Orleans LA, 2015-  
Kwon, Hyunjoo 2012 2017 Wu Working for a pharmaceutical company in Korea  
Li, Jianzhou 2014 2018 Zhang Research Assistant M.D. Anderson  
Nakhoul, Hani 2013 2019 Flemington Post-doc NIH Resident, Graduate Medical Education, Tulane University
O'Grady, Christina 2011 2016 Flemington Post-doc, Univ Liege, Leige Belgium, 2016-  
Penrose, Harrison 2015 2019 Savkovic Completing MD/PhD Program  
Poat, Bret 2007 2010 Dash Postdoc, St Jude Children's Hospital, Memphis TN, 2010-2011 Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Miami Beach, FL 2016-
Qadir, Ximena 2010 2014 Wu Epidemiology Postdoctoral fellowship. NIH- National Cancer Institute. 2014-2015 Director. Clinical Services. WSMC/NIH. 2017-
Strong, Michael 2011 2015 Flemington Completed MD/PhD Program, 2015-2017 Neurosurgery Resident, Univ Michigan Med School, Ann Arbor MI, 2017-
Ungerleider, Nathan 2012 2017 Wu Postdoc, Tulane University, 2018-2019 Asst Director, Next-Gen Sequening Analysis Core, Tulane University, 2019-
Xu, Beibei 2009 2014 Morris Postdoc, Tulane University 2014-2017 Postdoc, Univ Minnesota, Minneapolis MN 2017-
Yao, Lu 2010 2015 Wu Postdoc, UCSF, San Francisco CA, 2016-2017 Research Scientist II, Poseida Therapeutics Inc, San Diego, 2019-


How to Apply

For more information about the Department of Pathology Ph.D. program, contact Gil Morris, Email: gmorris2@tulane.edu.

For general information about the BMS program, the application process and application status, contact Zylkia Lozano, Email: zlozano@tulane.edu .

To apply, access the application portal: https://applygrad.tulane.edu/apply