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Research Programs

Chen, Wei

Research interests: the mechanisms of bone formation, bone resorption, skeletal development, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and  aging diseases. 

Dash, Srikanta

Research interests: Mechanism sand pathogenesis of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, mechanism and biomarkers of hepatocellular carcinoma

Flemington, Erik

Research interests: Biology and pathogenesis of EBV and other ᵧ-Herpesvirus, transcriptomic regulation and carcinogenesis

Gragert, Loren

Research interests: Bioinformatics for immune system genetics, focusing on applications in HLA matching systems for stem cell and solid organ transplantation. The algorithms and HLA genetics data developed within collaborations are in operational use by bone marrow registries and national organ allocation systems

Han, Chang

Research interests: The cellular and molecular pathways leading to liver carcinogenesis and exploring novel strategies for therapeutic interventions

Huang, Chiung-Kuei

Research interests: The mechanisms of liver cancer development associated with alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases, with a specific focus on the impact of sex and epigenetic modification in these regulations. 

Khambu, Bilon

Research interests: Regulation of liver metabolism, regeneration and carcinogenesis

Lee, Sean

Research interests: To understand how oncogenic events such as a chromosomal translocation lead to cancer, particularly Ewing's sarcoma and related small round cell tumors, to understand the normal functions of EWS gene.

Li, Yi-Ping

Research interests: Bone biology, musculoskeletal diseases, immune disorders, craniofacial development, tumorigenesis and cancer bone metastasis.

Lin, Zhen

Research interests: Viral oncology and transcriptomic regulation of ᵧ-Herpesvirus

Morris, Gilbert

Research interests: Molecular biology of lung injury and repair with a particular interest in fibrogenesis and carcinogenesis as a result of environmental exposures

Pi, Liya

Research interests: Molecular characterization of signaling pathways during hepatic progenitor cell activation, liver fibrosis, and liver cancer development in chronic liver diseases.

Savkovic, Suzana

Research interests: The role of the transcription factor FOXO3, and lipid metabolism in inflammation-mediated tumor growth, with a specific focus on the colonic epithelium and colon cancer. 

Tian, Di

Research interests: Molecular diagnosis of brain tumors, and sleep regulation.

Wu, Tong

Research interests: The molecular mechanisms of inflammation and carcinogenesis, with a special emphasis on the pathogenesis of liver cancer and inflammatory liver diseases.

Yin, Xiao-Ming

Research interests: The molecular and signaling understanding of the homeostatic role of autophagy in the liver and the therapeutic exploration of this pathway for treatment of diseases,

Zhang, Haitao

Research interests: Targeting the androgen receptor (AR) signaling axis in prostate cancer intervention.

Zhang, Jinqiang

Research interests: non-coding RNA regulation of liver cancer