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Residency training is a difficult time as you transition into the job of taking responsibility for the lives of your young patients. It is a time of mistakes: if you knew how to be a pediatrician, you wouldn’t need the training. You will learn to look honestly at yourself, assessing your strengths and your weaknesses. You will decide exactly what type of physician you want to become and understand what you need to learn in order to be that type of pediatrician. This process of self-reflection is much harder than it sounds, but it is one of the most critical components of physician training. Mastering this is empowering; it is the key to becoming the type of physician that you want to be.Read More

At our program, support in your professional development will come from the attending physicians working at two major medical centers: Tulane and Ochsner. These unique institutions provide exposure to a wide range of patients living with an enormous variety of conditions. The approaches to patient care are truly innovative. There are core skills that every pediatrician needs to master, but our program also provides the substantial support to develop specialized skills that will maximize your success in your chosen field of pediatrics.

Incoming residents match into one of three programs: pediatrics, internal medicine-pediatrics (med-peds), or pediatrics-psychiatry-child psychiatry (triple board). Residents from all three programs work together, sharing their unique approaches to solving problems, and this mixture is a major part of what makes the Tulane-Ochsner program unique. Our program has a track record of recruiting residents that work well together in the fascinating city of New Orleans. As important as the quality of the faculty, or the backgrounds of your patients, the relationships forged during your residency will stay with you for the rest of your life.

The Tulane/Ochsner approach to residency training in pediatrics fosters the growth of future pediatricians. We are committed to helping you become an excellent pediatrician; we will help you to become the type of pediatrician that you want to be. There are many challenges ahead. As your program director, I will ensure that you are ready for them.

John Carlson, M.D., Ph.D.

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