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Here at Tulane, we have a unique Med-Peds curriculum to stimulate your academic and professional growth! In addition to paritcipating the categorical Internal Medicine and Pediatrics curricula, below is a list of the specific Med-Peds educational opportunities:

  • Med-Peds Journal Club
  • Adolescent Transition of Care Series
  • Med-Peds Ambulatory Curriculum
  • Med-Peds Womb to the Tomb Board Review
  • Med-Peds Grand Rounds 

Other opportunities for professional growth at Tulane Med-Peds include:

  • A Professional Development Series that includes teaching residents about relaxation techniques and mindfulness and legal aspects of medicine.
  • Our Social Committee focuses on improving the workload/healthy life balance.
  • Each year our rising-chiefs host our Annual Med-Peds Retreat where we discuss changes for the coming year and grow a tighter bond as a Med-Peds family.
  • Faculty to Resident Mentorship Pairing to help enhance the resident experience and guide residents on their path in medicine.
Overview of the Combined Medicine/Pediatrics Training Program Curriculum

The Tulane Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program is an integrated program that meets the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and the guidelines for combined training stipulated by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Pediatrics. The program incorporates 24 months of training in each specialty by alternating between Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. The frequency of alternating in blocks every 4 months keeps residents well connected to both departments and alleviates some of the anxiety that occurs from having been away from one department for an extended period of time.

The Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency program prepares residents to become leaders in any field of academic or community medicine. It gives them the opportunity to choose a career in administrative medicine, research, or clinical medicine as a primary care physician, a hospitalist, or a subspecialty physician.

Our program provides individual mentorship for residents aimed at supporting the residents in achieving their goals. There are numerous mentors available for residents in our various hospitals and clinics. In addition, each resident has individualized meetings with the Program Directors to ensure that the residents are connected to faculty who will support and guide them in their endeavors.

While on Internal Medicine, residents rotate at 3 main hospitals, all within downtown New Orleans:

  • Tulane Medical Center (TMC) – a 235-bed hospital owned in partnership between HCA and Tulane University, providing a breadth of services from primary to tertiary and quaternary care.
  • University Medical Center of New Orleans (UMCNO) – a 506-bed state-of-the-art Level I Trauma Center that opened in 2015. It carries on the tradition of Charity Hospital, one of the oldest public hospitals in that country that was damaged during Hurricane Katrina.
  • Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System (SLVHCS) – a new 200-bed facility that opened in 2016 just next to UMCNO to care for the veterans of southeastern Louisiana

While on Pediatrics, residents rotate at 3 main hospitals:

  • Children’s Hospital of New Orleans (CHNOLA) – a 224-bed free-standing children’s hospital in uptown New Orleans, which includes a cardiac ICU, PICU and a Level IV NICU.
  • Ochsner Hospital for Children – a 113-bed children’s hospital within a larger hospital located at the Ochsner Medical Center (OMC) campus, which contains a Level I PICU and pediatric CVICU.
  • Tulane Lakeside Hospital – houses a 26-bed Level III NICU and newborn nursery where our residents rotate. Tulane subspecialists and primary care pediatricians also run their outpatient clinics next door. The clinic management has transferred to our Children’s Hospital partners while the Lakeside affiliation allows us to work with the high risk obstetrics team delivering children in need of neonatologists.

The Tulane Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program is dedicated to training residents to be excellent clinicians and scientists. The program is designed to create a clinical environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and development of interpersonal and professional skills. The training program introduces the resident to diverse and graduated clinical responsibilities during the first year. Second year residents receive in-depth training in the sub-specialties. Subsequent years of training are devoted to refining their internal medicine and pediatric skills. Residents receive additional experience from electives, consultation and ambulatory care rotations. Over the four years, their research and elective time give the residents the additional opportunity to modify the standard curriculum to their own interests, as needed. Upon completion of training in medicine, all residents have a broad background adequate for a career in any of the specialties. The diverse clinical experience of Tulane's participating hospitals is combined with excellent faculty supervision and a dedicated didactic curriculum to create the optimal physician.

The curriculum is reviewed bi-annually and as needed by the directors with the valued input from the residents.

Combined Medicine-Pediatrics Continuity Clinic

An attractive feature of our Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program is the Combined Medicine-Pediatrics continuity clinic. Our residents gain experience working in a combined clinic starting in intern year, staffed by board-certified Med-Peds physicians, where they see patients from all ages in the same clinic as part of their integrated Med-Peds Curriculum. The clinic allows residents to learn more about a wide spectrum of disease including preventive medicine and transition of care from childhood to adulthood.

Our residents participate with faculty in the evaluation and treatment of patients seen in the ambulatory care clinics. Residents maintain their own continuity clinic, on an average of one half days per week when in Pediatrics and in Internal Medicine, and serve as the primary care provider for these patients. With faculty supervision, our residents obtain histories and physicals from each patient, order indicated laboratory and diagnostic studies treat diagnosed internal medicine and pediatric disease, and counsel patients regarding their health and disease. The clinic is staffed with faculty preceptors at a ratio of 1 preceptor per 4 residents.

The Med-Peds residents are encouraged to be partners in health with other physician colleagues, health experts and patients as part of their patient care objectives.

Healthy Moms to Families Initiative Project

As part of our combined clinic, the Med-Peds residents offer a unique program for pregnant moms at 32 weeks called the Healthy Moms to Families Initiative Project. Through an AAP CATCH grant, Dr. Dennar and a former Med-Peds resident, Dr. Alice Williamson, created the Healthy Moms to Families Initiative Project in 2012. In this initiative, our Med-Peds residents are partnered with our OB/GYN resident colleagues in establishing 32 Weeks Prenatal Pediatric Anticipatory Visits at the Med-Peds Clinic to allow new moms the opportunity to meet their pediatrician and ask questions at prenatal visits. The goal of the visits is to provide anticipatory guidance regarding new babies before the baby is born and to supply new mothers with necessary new-baby items including "What To Expect When You're Expecting." This is a novel approach to ensuring continuity of care for infants and pregnant moms by integrating collaboration between both departments. Each Med-Peds resident is assigned an OB/GYN resident buddy for their entire four years in residency.