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Clerkship for Senior Medical Students

Title of Clerkship: Med-Peds Selective


The student will spend 4 weeks under the supervision of Med-Peds faculty. The mornings will include rounding on inpatients with a Med-Peds faculty and/or a Med-Peds resident. The student will also see patients three afternoons each week in the combined Med-Peds clinic at the Tulane Medical Center with a Med-Peds faculty preceptors. One evening out of the 4 weeks will be devoted to attending Med-Peds Board review session and/or journal club. In addition, one afternoon each week will be devoted to academic time at the Internal Medicine Friday school and the Pediatrics noon conference.

There are 2 Med-Peds noon conferences during the month as well as a journal club the student will be expected to attend.


  1. Observe the multifaceted practice opportunities a career in Med-Peds affords.
  2. Enhance outpatient clinical skills.
  3. Observe office practices.

  • Mon-Fri: Round with staff in the morning on the inpatient service or in clinic.
  • Attend noon conferences with the residents.
  • See patients in the Med-Peds clinic 1-2 afternoons a week.
  • Attend clinic with staff several afternoons per week.

Princess Dennar, M.D. Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics


Princess Eronmwon Dennar, MD, Program Director
W. Benjamin Rothwell, MD, Associate Program Director
Tracy Conrad, D.O., FAAP
Terry Cummings, MD
Michael Landry, MD, MSc
Chukwunomnso Dennar, MD
Anjali Niyogi, MD, MPH
Michele L. Simoneaux, MD
Christopher A. Joplin, MD
Peter Reynaud, MD


Maximum 2 students

Time offered



4 weeks


Successfully completed 3rd year core rotations. Completion of internal medicine and pediatric rotations encouraged, but not required.

Method of Evaluating Student Performance

Direct observation of patient care in the inpatient and outpatient settings from Med-Peds faculty and residents will be used to evaluate the student on this rotation. Feedback should be provided at mid-point and at the end of the rotation.

How is This Course Evaluated by the Course Director?

The course director will receive formal evaluation and feedback from the students and the preceptors at the conclusion of each rotation. These evaluations will be used to improve and refine the course for future students.

How is This Course Evaluated by the Students?

Students will have an exit interview and will be encouraged to submit anonymous evaluation to the course director through the office of student affairs and to the Med-Peds office directly.

To apply for the Med-Peds selective, go to the Tulane GME website