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Board Review

In our pursuit of finding the best methods for resident education (see information on our WILD program for more on this), we have also put considerable time and thought into how we prepare our residents for the boards. For the second half of your third year of residency, you will participate in weekly board review sessions, aimed at solidifying previous knowledge and directing you toward the most high-yield material for boards study. During these sessions, we also share strategies for question analysis, test-taking, and general preparedness to maximize boards performance.Read More

Once again, in keeping with best educational evidence, we have abandoned the inefficient lecture model - there simply isn't any possible way a lecturer could impart all of the knowledge in his field that is necessary for the boards; even if he or she could, you couldn't possibly sit still and pay attention long enough to absorb it. So in the spring of 2012, we changed this activity so that it is also structured in a teamwork-based format, albeit with a slightly different twist; one senior will break down a test question and explain his or her reasoning in arriving at an answer; subsequently, the other residents present offer their thoughts – agreement or disagreement with the answer, and why. Not only do we address specific data points likely to come up on the examination, we allow you to see your colleagues' thought processes at work, and borrow insights where appropriate to help you in their own test preparation.

The feedback from seniors who participated in this new format indicates that it provides a far superior form of preparation for the exam than the typical lecture based board prep course. Our philosophy is that the combination of the tools and experiences we provide to learn and perform well on the Board Exam, coupled with the necessary individual review work required, will lead to your successful performance on the Board Exam.

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