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Resident Research Track

The Resident Research Path is intended for residents with strong interests to join academic medical centers after graduation where scholarly production will be expected in terms of papers, research, or presentations.  

Residents who desire a more full-time career in research (i.e., tenure track) ought to participate in this Path and then progress after residency to a research fellowship.

The training philosophy will emphasize learning by doing. Residents will engage hands-on to learn all the necessary tasks at a beginner level.  Much of research depends on writing so time outside of normal working hours will be required to write.  Continuation in the Path will be contingent on adequate participation on an ongoing basis.

Material is organized under 5 areas:

  1. Writing: papers and grants
  2. Mastery of study design
  3. How to formulate a project from start to finish
  4. Logistics of research
  5. Statistics

The schedule is for two meetings per month, plus occasional half-day blocks to shadow other faculty research projects.  The schedule of dates for each year and number of meetings will be dependent on the composition of residents who participate in order to accommodate the residents’ schedules.

Because of the way resident didactics are scheduled, PGY2 and PGY4 residents will meet together and PGY3 residents will meet separately.  Different material will be covered for each group.  A resident who completes both the PGY2 and PGY3 courses and wishes to gain additional training in PGY4 can develop an individualized PGY4 project with Dr. Scheeringa.