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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences ~ Medical Student Education ~ Senior Elective Rotations


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Assertive Community Treatment

Goals and Objectives:  At the end of this rotation, the student will

Understand the function of a psychiatric assertive community treatment team, the type of patients best served by an ACT team, and the ACT team's role in the care of the chronically mentally ill patient
Experience the value of working with a multidisciplinary team and understand the role of the psychiatrist on the team
Understand the concept of recovery as applied to an ACT team, including the concept of supported employment   


  • 4.5 days/week with VA's Mental Health Intensive Case Management (MHICM) team, visiting patients with schizophrenia in their homes
  • journal club with psychiatry resident and Dr. Stanton
  • Dept of Psychiatry Grand Rounds   

Duration: 2 weeks  

Supervisor: Erin Stanton, MD   

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of core Psychiatry clerkship  

Quota: one student


This elective is offered for 4th year medical students both at Tulane and from other schools interested in combined training who want a closer look at the environments and practice styles of dual-boarded physicians.  We design the experience around the learning needs of the student and always include participation in our two Med/Psych continuity clinics.  Students may also participate in a hospital-based pain management clinic, neuropsychiatry clinic, functional bowel clinic, and observe forensic evaluations of medically complicated psychiatric cases.  Our inpatient experiences can include consult liaison Psychiatry at Tulane hospital, or general Psychiatry with Med/Psych attendings at the new University Medical Center.  Rotating students will be expected to attend didactics in both the Internal Medicine and Psychiatry departments as well as our weekly Med/Psych meeting.  By the end of the rotation, the student will lead the weekly conference on a topic chosen in collaboration with the course director. 


At the completion of this elective the student will:

  1.  Be familiar with common psychiatric diagnoses encountered in the medically ill in emergency medicine and in medicine-surgical patients.
  2. Be able to diagnose and treat delirium, mania and psychosis secondary to general medical illness.
  3. Learn to recognize and assess psychiatric presentations of neurological, infectious, rheumatologic and endocrine disease.
  4. Learn to manage alcohol and drug withdrawal and detoxification in the medically ill.
  5. Learn to assess capacity to make medical decisions in medical inpatients.
  6. Learn medical monitoring and screening appropriate for patients on chronic psychotropic medication.
  7. Be able to formulate appropriate consult questions and write a consultation report.
  8. Become familiar with an approach to assessing and managing medical and psychiatric co-morbid illness.
  9. Be able to examine, evaluate and present a clinic patient with medical and psychiatric illness.
  10. Gain knowledge about the variety of settings in which internal medicine-psychiatry physicians practice.


  • 2.5 days weekly in Emergency Medicine and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
  • 1 afternoon in Resident Med-Psych Clinic  (Wednesday, 12-5 at the Tulane Ruth Fertel Community Clinic)
  •  0.5 days of didactics (Friday afternoon)
  • Attend Med-Psych Conference weekly (Thursday 12-1 pm, Tidewater 10th Floor Library)
  • Present a topic at the Med-Psych Conference prior to completion of the rotation
  •  Grand Rounds weekly, from 12-1 pm on Fridays
  • Other clinical experiences will be offered to each student during this rotation in order to maximize their exposure to a variety of settings. Some other clinical experiences available but not required include the following: observe forensic court cases, observe rounds on Medicine wards team, observe rounds on Psychiatry wards team, attend Medicine grand rounds and attend Medicine afternoon case presentations.


J. B. McConville, M.D.
Tulane Dept of Psychiatry, T#8448, 10th Floor, TideWater Bldg 
Phone: 504-988-2201

Pre-requisite:  Successful completion of core Psychiatry clerkship
Duration: 4 weeks
Max:   One student/month

Tulane students must meet with the course director to obtain approval for the rotation, and away students must submit credentials to the Psychiatry Clerkship director as well as register with VSAS before the rotation can be scheduled.  Credentials include a letter of good standing from your Dean's office (outlining vaccination, TB test and malpractice coverage), CV and updated transcript. 

Forensic Psychiatry

This elective takes place within the Forensic Division of the Psychiatry Department at Tulane University, and the student will have the opportunity to interface with forensic psychiatry faculty and fellows in several varied settings. The Forensic Division provides staff to East Louisiana Mental Health System (ELMHS), Forensic Division, which is a maximum security hospital providing inpatient evaluation and treatment of patients for the state. The Forensic Division also provides services to correctional facilities, conducts competency evaluations, and serves on court-sponsored sanity commissions, along with consultations in a number of areas where psychiatry interfaces with the law, including custody evaluations, independent medical examinations, and dangerousness assessments. Additionally, the Forensic Division provides psychiatric management to individuals who have been conditionally released into the community from court at the Forensic Aftercare Clinic.   

Goals and Objectives:  This elective will provide a comprehensive forensic psychiatry exposure for medical students focusing on skills necessary to ethically apply scientific and clinical expertise in the following areas:

  • Medical legal issues of criminal law
  • Medical legal issues concerning civil law
  • Medical legal issues involving correctional psychiatry   

Schedule: The weekly schedule will include time in the following settings:

  • ELHMS in Jackson LA*
  • Orleans Parish Criminal Court
  • Orleans Justice Center
  • Child Custody Clinic

*Housing to spend the night in Jackson can be arranged if desired   

Duration: 2 weeks   

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Artecona   

Pre-requisite: MS4 and successful completion of core Psychiatry clerkship   

Quota: one student