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Plastic Surgery Translational Research

Breast Cancer and Adipocyte Stem Cell Interaction


Bruce Bunell, Ph.D. (Tulane Gene Therapy Center)
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Abigail Chaffin, M.D. (Plastic Surgery)
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Brian Rowan, Ph.D. (Tulane Cancer Center)
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Jeffrey Gimble, M.D., Ph.D. (LSU Pennington Research Center)
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Ryan Jones, M.A.

Eduardo Lacayo, M.D. (Post-Doctoral Fellow)

Trivia Frazier, Ph.D. Graduate Student

Carolyn Mardsen, Ph.D. Graduate Student

Muralidharan (Murali) Anbalagan, Ph.D.

Latonya Carrier

We are investigating the interaction of adipocyte stem cells with breast cancer cells. Adipocyte stem cells are being used to treat post-mastectomy radiated tissue defects. However, the safety of grafting stem cells into an oncologically transformation prone region is not. ADSCs are multi-potent stem cells that release a number of growth factors, making them mitogenic and potentially carcinogenic, especially in an environment already prone to transformation. Further, the paracrine interactions between ADSCs and malignant epithelial cells promote breast cancer growth, and could increase the risk of recurrence. Internal and extramural grants have been successfully obtained for funding.

Human Stem Cells in Diabetic and Radiated Wounds


Abigail Chaffin, M.D. (Division of Plastic Surgery)
Phone:  (504) 988-5500
Email: achaffin@tulane.edu

Reza Izadpanah, Ph.D. (Division of Medicine)
Phone: 504-988-3040
Email: rizadpan@tulane.edu

Working in collaboration with Dr. Izadpanah, we are investigating the biological role of human stem cells in diabetic and radiated wounds. Greater understanding of stem cell biology in these unique patient subsets will enable us to properly select patient candidates for stem cell therapy.

Breast Reconstruction Health Disparities Research & Quality of Life Issues


Farah A. Arosemena, Ph.D. (School of Public Health)

Maureen Y. Litchveld, M.D. Ph.D. (School of Public Health)
Phone: (504) 988-7904
Fax: (504) 988-1726
Email: mlichtve@tulane.edu

In collaboration with the Tulane School of Public Health, we are developing educational tools for Gulf Coast underserved communities to expand knowledge about breast reconstruction options.

Supraclavicular Artery Island (SAI) Flap in Head and Neck Reconstruction


Paul L. Friedlander, M.D. (Department of Otolaryngology)
Phone:  (504) 988-5454
Fax: (504) 988-4762
Email: pfriedla@tulane.edu

Cynthia Hanemann, M.D. (Department of Radiology)
Phone: (504) 988-7627
Email: chaneman@tulane.edu

We are the first to describe a new less invasive flap (SAI flap) for head & neck oncologic reconstruction. Donor site morbidity, operative time, and recovery time has been reduced.  Clinical outcomes studies are actively being investigated.  We are developing a new pre-operative 3D CT angiography protocol which should help demystify patient selection criteria.