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Director's Message

Jeffrey Percak, MDWelcome to Tulane Infectious Disease

Do you want to know about Tulane ID?
I can tell you about the complexity of cases you’ll see; we’ve had recent cases of disseminated histoplasmosis with hemophagocytic lymphohystiocytosis, subarachnoid neurocysticercosis, and cerebral nocardiosis, to name a few.

Are you thinking everyone has interesting cases?
I can tell you about how we work hard to make you a well-rounded ID physician but give you flexibility and the opportunity to focus on the skills you will need to launch a great career.

You've heard there are lots of cool cities out there but...
I can tell you about New Orleans, how our restaurants are among the best in the country, how Mardi Gras is even more fun than you thought it would be, how you never knew a place that could have more festivals than there are weekends in a year, how there’s nothing quite like being elbows deep in boiled crawfish with a cold beverage surrounded by friends on a hot spring day, and how the music here will spoil live music for you for the rest of your life.

I'm sure you are reviewing numerous schools with slick curricula, right?
But ID at Tulane isn’t just about the cases, or the curriculum, or even the city. ID at Tulane is about working hard for those tough cases not just because it’s interesting but because you have the privilege and the ability to help a person get healthier. ID at Tulane is about going to our great restaurants and festivals and clubs and knowing that the people you see are your neighbors in a community, and often, your patients. ID at Tulane is about knowing that our state has among the highest rates of HIV infection in the country, the highest rate of congenital syphilis in the country, and incredible health disparities, and knowing that you’re here to help change those things.

I came to Tulane in 2008 for my residency, but I never expected that I would still be here in New Orleans over a decade later. I’ve stayed at Tulane because of the friendships and relationships I have built with colleagues who do tireless work to improve the health of this community, and communities around the world. I’ve stayed at Tulane because of the relationships I have built with my patients. I’ve stayed at Tulane because I love that this place attracts good people who, while their brains grow, serve with their whole hearts. I’m proud to be the product of the Tulane Internal Medicine Residency and the Tulane Infectious Disease Fellowship, and hope you’ll come see what good work awaits you at Tulane.


Jeffrey Percak, MD
Program Director
Tulane Adult Infectious Disease Fellowship Program