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Core Competencies

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Patient Care

Gather data; order diagnostic tests; interpret data; make decisions; perform procedures; manage patient therapies; work with others to provide patient-focused care.

Medical Knowledge

Fund of knowledge; active use of knowledge to solve medical problems

Practice-Based Learning & Improvement

Analyze practice performance and carry out needed improvements; locate and apply scientific evidence to the care of patients; critically appraise the scientific literature; use the computer to support learning and patient care; facilitate the learning of other health care professionals.

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Develop a therapeutic relationship with patients and their families; use verbal and non-verbal skills to communicate effectively with patients and their families; work effectively as a team member or leader.


Demonstrate integrity and honesty; accept responsibility; act in the best interest of the patient; demonstrate sensitivity to patients' ethnicity, age, and disabilities

Systems-Based Practice

Demonstrate awareness of interdependencies in the health care system that affect quality of care; provide cost-effective care; advocate for quality patient care; work with hospital management and interdisciplinary teams to improve patient care