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Clerkship Learning Objectives


The student should be able to

  1. Develop competence in the medical interview and physical examination of women and incorporate ethical, social, and diversity perspectives to provide culturally competent health care.
  2. Apply recommended prevention strategies to women throughout the life-span
  3. Recognize his/her role as a leader and advocate for women.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of preconception care including the impact of genetics, medical conditions and environmental factors on maternal heath and fetal development
  5. Explain the normal physiologic changes of pregnancy including interpretation of common diagnostic studies
  6. Describe common problems in obstetrics
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of intrapartum care
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of postpartum care of the mother and newborn
  9. Describe menstrual cycle physiology, discuss puberty and menopause and explain normal and abnormal bleeding
  10. Describe the etiology and evaluation of infertility
  11. Develop a thorough understanding of contraception, including sterilization and abortion
  12. Demonstrate knowledge of common benign gynecological conditions
  13. Formulate a differential diagnosis of the acute abdomen and chronic pelvic pain
  14. Describe common breast conditions and outline the evaluation of breast complaints
  15. Demonstrate knowledge of peri-operative care and familiarity with gynecological procedures
  16. Describe gynecological malignancies including risk factors, signs and symptoms and initial evaluation
  17. Provide a preliminary assessment of patients with sexual concerns
  18. Demonstrate a commitment to patient care and the educational process through the practice of life-long learning and the ability to reflect upon acquired knowledge and skills to assess development in ever changing health care environment.

The APGO 9th Edition Objective Related Educational Topics details are available on Canvas.

Teaching Philosophy

Our philosophy of undergraduate medical education emphasizes quality learning and teaching which provides for a significant exposure to a wide range of patient and career experiences for the motivated student.