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Student Blogs 2018-19

Documenting How Our Students "Make a Difference"

Student blogs are used to document progress towards achievement of several objectives of the MS curriculum including:

  1. Developing cultural competence (ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures, particularly in the context of working with non-profit organizations in the New Orleans community)
  2. Documenting a track record of civic responsibility & caring for others through service to individuals & communities.
  3. To produce graduates who have developed the skill of learning by reflecting on experience.

Samy Akhras
Anna Alvarado
Chuma Azogini
Hallie Byrd
Kaylan Chadalavada
Tuhin Choudhary
Mitchell Couldwell
Joshua Edavettal
Anushka Ghosh
Megan Glennon
Sarah Glover

Ryan Hahn
Sheikh Hasanat
Sanjeev Herr
Miriam Hill-Odom
Shikenya Johnson
Jennier Lara
Myriah LeGaux
Cody Magnuson
Brandon Manganello
Trey Moffatt
Hevinkumar Patel



Alisha Pope
Sanil Reddy
Michael Saacks
Daphne Sanchez
Hannah Sibley
Nicole Sigda
Tarun Swaminathan
Esra Taner
Lekha Thangada
Linh Tran
Jade Turner
Andrew Van

Student blogs 2017-18