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Undergraduates & Elementary/Secondary Educators

The Department of Physiology and the Hypertension and Renal Center of Excellence offer research opportunities for undergraduate students. We have assembled a group of talented investigators who are experienced in state-of-the-art techniques. This multifaceted setting is utilized to provide undergraduate students with a positive research experience in an area that sparks their interest.  Specifically, our undergraduate students have opportunities to investigate the central nervous system control of glucose homeostasis, the neurophysiology of hypertension, humoral and paracrine mechanisms responsible for vascular control in different organ systems, endothelial interactions influencing vascular regulatory processes, mechanisms responsible for regulation of blood flow in single arterioles and capillaries, cellular mechanisms responsible for activation of calcium entry pathways and mobilization of intracellular calcium stores, and analysis of pathophysiological processes responsible for tissue injury in hypertension.Read More

Taking part in this program allows students to gain a better understanding of specific research fields in which they have chosen to study. The students will assist in the execution of specific experimentation, collection, collation, and interpretation of data. In essence, students are taught all aspects involved in carrying out a research project from start to finish. In addition, the student trainees are expected to attend departmental seminars, hypertension conferences, and research meetings in their individual laboratories. At the completion of the research opportunity, undergraduate student trainees will give an oral presentation of their research project.

Undergraduate students interested in having a research experience in the Department of Physiology should go to the Physiology website at in order to determine which research programs of our faculty are of interest to them.

Elementary/Secondary Educators' Research Opportunities

Research opportunities are also available for elementary, middle and high school science teachers. This type of program allows research teachers to participate in a 7-8 week program that is designed to assist in the development of new curriculum materials that they can use in their own classrooms.