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Completed Projects

Only projects as the principal investigator are listed.

2012-2015 CBT Narrative Ratings Study We empirically developed a scoring system to rate the quality of trauma narratives that are produced by child and adolescent patients during the course of CBT exposure exercises.


The Kid Catch Directory
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Assembly Advocacy and Collaboration Grant
Created the Kid Catch Directory, a website for pediatric primary care providers to locate mental health providers and resources in the New Orleans region.
Total Direct costs: $3,000


Cooperation Scale
We developed a simple to use rating scale to predict which children and adolescents will stay in CBT therapy and which ones are likely to drop out.


D-cycloserine Adjunctive Treatment in 7-12 Year-old Youths with PTSD (NIMH 1RC1 MH-088969-01)
This is a randomized clinical trial of D-cycloserine plus cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) versus placebo plus CBT in 7-12 year-old youth.  Potential biomarkers and underlying mechanisms of change, including attentional bias to threat, autonomic cardiac control, and cortisol regulation, are prospectively measured.
Total Direct Costs: $621,899

D-cycloserine Adjunctive Treatment in 13-18 Year-old Adolescents with PTSD (NARSAD Independent Investigator Award)
The major goals of this project were to test the effectiveness of D-cycloserine with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) versus CBT in 13-18 year-old children with PTSD.  
Total Direct Costs: $91,986


FUN Scale
We developed a rating scale to predict which parents of very young children will stay in therapy and which ones are likely to drop out.  The scale rates five minutes of free play between mother and child.


Treatment effectiveness for PTSD in Young Children (NIMH R34 MH 070827-01 A1)
Sixty-four children with posttraumatic stress disorders, three to six years of age, were randomized to either CBT or a wait list to test the feasibility and efficacy of a 12-session CBT protocol that was developmentally modified for young children.
Total Direct Costs: $522,838


Research Supplements for Underrepresented Minorities (NIMH R01 MH065884-02S1)
The goal of this award is to support the education and research career of a minority candidate.
Total Direct Costs: $142,698


Posttraumatic stress disorder in preschool children (NIMH R01 MH065884)
Two hundred eighty-four trauma-exposed and 46 non-trauma-exposed children, all three through six years of age, were assessed on multiple dimensions of psychopathology, parent-child relationship quality, autonomic heart rate reactivity, and cortisol reactivity.
Total Direct Costs: $1,019,396


Cognitive Processing of Relaxing and Trauma-Relevant Stimuli in Traumatized Young Children
Supported by the Tulane-Charity-LSU General Clinical Research Center
Fifteen traumatized and 10 non-traumatized five to nine year-old children were assessed with quantitative EEG during at-rest, relaxing, and trauma-relevant stimuli.
Total Direct Costs: $3,430


Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award (NIMH K08 MH01706-05)
Sixty-two 1-6 year-old children who had been exposed to traumatic events and 62 non-trauma-exposed children were multidimensionally assessed for posttraumatic stress disorder, comorbid syndromes, heart rate variability, parental symptoms, and parent-child interaction quality.  Children were prospectively followed for two years.
Total Direct Costs: $628,783