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Behavioral & Neurodevelopmental Genetics Laboratory ~ Infant Development Study

Infant Development Study What is the Infant Development Study?
The Infant Development Study is a project funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to better understand the effect on young children of stress in our community and how the special relationship between a mom and her child may protect children from this stress.


What is the goal of the study?

The goal of the study is to show the importance of the parent, especially when the baby is very young, for the long-term health of children. We believe that a parent’s relationship with their child is the best shield from all the different challenges facing our communities. We believe that supporting moms, when they are pregnant and have really young children, is the best way to help children grow up healthy.

Who is doing the study?

The study is run by Dr. Stacy Drury, a child psychiatrist who has been studying how early life events relate to children and their health, behavior, and moods for ten years. She is a Board Certified Child Psychiatrist and the Director of the Tulane Behavioral and Neurodevelopmental Genetics Laboratory (

What would I do in the study?

You will come for two visits: when you baby is 4 months old and then again at 1 year of age. At each appointment, you will answer questions and play with your child. We will measure your child’s actions, heart rate, and take spit from them. Each visit lasts between one and two hours. The study has been approved by the NIH and Tulane University to make sure it is safe for you and your baby.

Why would I want to be a part of this study?

Without the information from mothers like you we cannot really understand how best to safeguard children from the pressures all around in our communities. Only through your participation can we find the best way to help our children. Your voice, as part of this study that will teach us what is the best way to help our children.

What would I get for being a part of the study?

You will be compensated for your time at each visit. You will also get information about healthy child development and about different feelings moms have when they first have babies. We also have small gifts for you and your baby to thank you for your time.

How can I sign up for this study?

Call or text our research lab at 504-656-6449.

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