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Active Internship


  • MS 4 and completion of the core psychiatry clerkship
  • To be eligible for the active internship in psychiatry:You MUST be applying to psychiatry for residency.
  • You must have approval from Dr. Weiss, aweiss3@tulane.edu
  • There are limited slots available for this active internship, slots are available on a first come, first serve basis

During the psychiatry active internship, students will gain increased supervised responsibility for patients with severe psychopathology in an inpatient setting. The goals are to deepen understanding of psychopathology and psychotherapeutics, learn evaluation and management skills for patients with a broad range of psychiatric disturbances, and begin to gain skills necessary for first-year residency as a psychiatry intern.

Some specific duties, occurring under direct supervision of attending/resident will include: 

  • Being the "first evaluator" and acting intern for group of patients on the inpatient unit
  • Performing complete history on new admissions, completing daily notes, and increasing independence in establishing differential diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Begin the practice of teaching to clerkship students on rotation
  • Gaining more experience participating in a multi-disciplinary team approach to psychiatric medicine

The 4-week active internship experience takes place on one of our psychiatry inpatient units at University Medical Center.