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Radiology News & Events

Holiday Celebration 2017

Tulane's Radiology department Celebrating the Holidays
at Marcello's Restaurant & Wine Bar.



Residents enjoying the Holiday Celebrations.


Happy Halloween 2017

Just kicking back after Bocce tournament

Residents Viet Vu, Nan Nguyen, Andrew Marshall and others kicking back after Bocce Tournament

Viet Vu, James Caridi, Nan Nguyen and Andrew Marshall

Charles M. Nice, Jr, M.D., PhD Visiting Professor September 6th to 7th, 2017

Patricia J. Mergo, M.D. Chair Division of Thoracic / Cardiac
Radiology Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville, FL.  is presented with
the Charles M. Nice Visiting Professor 2017 Award

2017 AUR 65th Annual Meeting May 8 - 11 ,2017

Dr. Mandy C. Weidenhaft, in front of one of four Tulane Radiology posters on display at the AUR Meeting.

Charles M. Nice, Jr, Visiting Professor Lecture April 27 -28, 2017

Charles M. Nice, Jr. Visiting Professor, Ihab R. Kamel, M.D., PhD. having
dinner with Tulane Residents and Faculty Members.

Tough Mudder 2017

Dr's. Kyle Degeyter, Adam Blanchard, Andrew Marshal, Nhan Nguyen and
Radiology Staff -  Shane Verret and Lucas Richmond. Enjoying their day in
the Mudd.


Dr. Kyle Degeyter


Dr. Andrew Marshall

Dr. Adam Blanchard   Dr. Nhan Nguyen
Lucas Richmond   Shane Verret

Resident Group   Drs. N. Nguyen, A. Marshall, J. Nguyen, L. Bisset
Radiology Faculty Group   Dr. & Mrs. James Caridi