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Emad Kandil, MD Dr. Kandil is an associate professor of surgery, and Otolaryngology (adjunct), the Edward G. Schlieder Chair in Surgical Oncology and the Chief of the Division of Endocrine and Oncological Surgery in the department of Surgery at Tulane University Medical School, New Orleans, LA. He completed his training with a clinical fellowship in endocrine surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Kandil has written more than 120 original articles, invited reviews and book chapters and served on numerous editorial boards and committees. His research interests have focused on clinical outcome research related to endocrine and oncological surgery patients. He has special interest in robotic endocrine surgery. He has an active busy laboratory research focuses on examining the anti-tumor efficacies of multiple pathways targeting in advanced thyroid cancer.

Clinical Training and Research
Dr. Kandil is very active in teaching and training residents and fellows at the Tulane department of surgery. He is interested in clinical outcome research and translational research.

Basic and Translational Research
Dr. Kandil is an experienced scientist in translational research and takes pride in being able to take research from bench to the bedside. His research team focuses on deciphering the molecular mechanisms underlying poor prognosis and drug resistance of advanced thyroid cancer, and melanoma harboring BRAF-V600E mutation. Additionally, the research team is interested in the strategy of multiple targeting of RAF/MEK/ERK1/2 and NF-kB to induce apoptosis and reduce cell growth of thyroid cancer cells using in vitro, in vivo and human specimens. Another interesting ongoing studies in his laboratory are related to the role of stem cells and cancer stem cells in thyroid cancer. Because of their ability of self-renewal and differentiation into various cell types, it has been reported to drive tumorigenesis, metastatic activity and provide chemo- and radio-resistant nature to the cancer cells in the thyroid gland.

Our research team welcomes students, residents and fellows willing to participate in our research program by contacting Dr. Kandil ( or his lab 504-988-8665.


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Research Grants

2013: Tulane School of Medicine Dean Fund

2012: Dual targeting of NFKB and MAP kinase pathways in thyroid cancer (as PI). Tulane School of Medicine Dean Fund

2011: Novel genetic targeted therapy of thyroid cancer (as PI). Tulane School of Medicine Research Pilot Program

2010: Therapeutic Targeting of the MAP Kinase and P13K pathways in Thyroid Cancer (as PI). Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium (LCRC)

Lab members

A. Current

1. Mohamed Hassan, PhD
Research Assistant Professor of Surgery

Dr. Hassan received his PhD in Biomedical Science, University Hospital of Duesseldorf, in 2001. Dr. Hassan's primary research interest is the mechanisms regulating cancer stem cell progression, resistance and recurrence, with main focus on melanoma stem cells.

Our previous and current studies on melanoma stem cells revealed that melanoma progression, metastasis, resistance to standard, and recurrence are attributed to a significant alteration in the genetic and epigenetic profile of a small fraction of melanoma cells with stem cell properties. These melanoma subpopulations are characterized by their unique protein signature and excessive activation of tumor growth-driving signaling pathways. These characteristics of melanoma stem cells are either in a causal or consequential relationship to melanoma progression, metastasis, resistance and recurrence. Also, we will expand our findings in cancer stem cell research to other tumor types, particularly thyroid cancer with the aim to establish an innovative cancer stem cell program for this disease. As a member of an international team, whose research activity based in Germany, France and the USA, we welcome every active collaboration in the field of cancer stem cell research.

2. Chi-Hong Wang, PhD
Research Scientist II

3. Emmanuelle Ruiz, PhD
Research Post Doc

B. In the past:

1. Zack Abd Elmageed, MS, PhD

Research Scientist and director of oncology research labs in Surgery and ENT Departments, Tulane University


2. Koji Tsumagari, MD, PhD

Research Associate in Surgery Department, Tulane University


3. Ma J, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow in Surgery Department, Tulane University

4. Li X, MD

Postdoctoral Fellow in Surgery Department, Tulane University