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Fellowship Curriculum


Year One: Research Year

  • The junior/first year fellow will participate in ongoing research projects.
  • Coordinate and conduct prospective clinical trails under the mentorship of the faculty.
  • Coordinate and conduct basic science research projects.
  • Coordinate and conduct animal research along with the faculty.
  • Maintain database of all patients in ongoing research projects.
  • Keep the database on quality of life questionnaires in an ongoing manner.
  • Opportunities will be available for clinical hands-on patient care experience.
  • Be responsible for the ESWL procedures at MCLNO.
  • One half-day clinic at Tulane University Hospital & Clinic.

Year Two: Clinical Year
The senior fellow in the second year of his/her fellowship will be having the following schedule:

  • Scrub with faculty on all cases. If several cases are running simultaneously, the senior resident has to choose which will be most beneficial. In select cases the junior faculty will cover the other case.
  • Be available to cover cases as a junior faculty, at the VA and MCLNO campuses.
  • Since periodic review of the surgical logs will be made, priority as to ureteroscopic, nephroscopic, laparoscopic or robotic cases will be delegated on a priority basis to maximize experience.
  • Periodic evaluation of the fellow by the faculty will also ensure strengthening of case logs in any particular category of cases.
  • Have two half-day clinics at Tulane University Hospital & Clinic. The senior fellow will be working as a junior faculty and will be independent in judgment-making on his/her patients. However, decision for surgical procedures and coverage for these will have to be obtained with one of the three above-mentioned faculty mentors.

Participation in Teaching Activities:

  • Participate in weekly pre-op conferences (Wednesday a.m.)
  • Participate in bi-weekly combined (with LSU/Ochsner) Pyelogram Conference (1 st & 3 rd Wednesday p.m.)
  • Participate in monthly Journal Club (2 nd Wednesday p.m.)
  • Participate and organize monthly Death & Complications Conference (4th Wednesday p.m.)
  • Attend monthly faculty meeting, usually after Pyelogram Conference on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
  • Have bi-weekly conferences with above-mentioned faculty to evaluate research projects and overall fellowship experience
  • Present topic-based didactic lectures to the department quarterly.