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Interdisciplinary PhD Program

Tulane’s Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Sciences takes an interdisciplinary approach to graduate education and research. There are many ways to shape your Tulane experience to fit your needs and career goals, and our program has an array of options to accelerate, customize, and enrich your education and, ultimately, your career.  The program is dynamic, giving you an array of controls that allows you to heavily customize your experience here to suit you. 

All PhD students receive a full tuition waiver and a stipend of approximately $30,000 per year for the entire duration of the program, usually between four and seven years.

Students undertaking work for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy should understand that this degree is awarded not for an accumulation of course credits only, but for superior attainment and accomplishment in research. Ordinarily the student is expected to finish the course requirements in two full years of graduate study and complete the dissertation by the fourth year. The student must demonstrate the ability to carry out independent study and research in a chosen field, as evidenced in the dissertation. A minimum of one year of full-time study in residence at Tulane University is required.