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The purpose of the scholarship of teaching is the development and improvement of pedagogical practices (Braxton et al, 2002). The traditional benchmark for scholarship has been limited to research & discovery, resulting in publications. In his influential book "Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate" Ernest Boyer (1990) proposed that scholarship be broadened from research & discovery to include three additional domains: integration, application, and teaching. Examples of professional behaviors that have been proposed as scholarly activities (Braxton et al., 2002) include:

The Scholarship of Application:

  • Service on a curriculum committee
  • Self-study conducted for one's department
  • Service on a committee engaged in institutional preparation for accreditation review
  • Study conducted to formulate departmental or institutional policy
Unpublished Scholarly Outcomes
  • Development of an innovative technology
  • Development of a new process for dealing with a problem of practice
  • Study conducted to help solve a community problem
  • An article that outlines a new research problem identified through the application of the knowledge & skill of one's academic discipline to a practical problem
  • An article that applies new disciplinary knowledge to a practical problem
  • An article that proposes an approach to the bridging of theory & practice

The Scholarship of Discovery

Unpublished Scholarly Outcomes
  • A paper presented that describes a new theory or research findings developed by the author
  • Book chapter or refereed journal article reporting findings of research designed to gain new knowledge

The Scholarship of Integration

Unpublished Scholarly Outcomes
  • A talk on a current discipline related topic at a local, regional or national meeting
  • A review of the literature on a disciplinary or interdisciplinary topic
  • An article or book chapter on the application of a theory borrowed from an academic discipline outside one's own

The Scholarship of Teaching

Scholarly activities
  • Student research projects
  • Preparation of a syllabus for a new course
  • Development of exam questions that require higher-order thinking skills
  • Development of a new set of lectures or learning activities
  • Development of a new course
Unpublished Scholarly Outcomes
  • Presentation of new instructional techniques to colleagues
  • Construction of a novel examination or testing practice
  • Experimentation with new teaching methods
  • Trying a new instructional practice & refining it until it is successful
  • Creation of a strategy to help students think critically about course concepts
  • Publication on the use of a new instructional technique
  • Publication on examples, materials, or assignments that help students learn difficult concepts

A "How to" Guide for Developing a Scholarship of Teaching Project

  • O'Loughlin VD: A "how to" guide for developing a publishable scholarship of teaching project. Adv Physiol Educ 30:83-88, 2006.


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