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MD Program ~ Curriculum ~ Electives Years 1 & 2

The School of Medicine curriculum, in the second half of year one and all of year two, has two afternoons per week of dedicated time for students to either complete an elective, or use the time for classes in public health as part of the MD/MPH program.  The electives provide an opportunity to explore areas of interest which can be in the basic or clinical sciences or this time can also be used for research-based electives.

Tulane medical students are required to take ONE elective in their first two years. This requirement can also be fulfilled by coursework in the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. The elective may be taken in either the first or second year. Electives offerings are structured around a particular session schedule for the Academic Year.

Students must fill in the following form (also displayed in E-Medley).

To access the descriptions of the electives, as well as the session schedule, please go to E-Medley, the Curriclum website for course evaluation, curriculum management, and course registration.

  1. Go to: https://he.emedley.com/tu
  2. Login using your Tulane Username and Password
  3. Go to Didactic->Curriculum Website
    e-curriculum website
  4. Scroll down to T1/T2 Electives and click click on the link
    t1-t2 electives
  5. To access the registration form, see the forms link in E-Medley