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MD Program ~ Curriculum ~ Electives Years 3 & 4

Students must complete 24 weeks of electives during the clinical curriculum, predominantly in year 4.  The only exception is for students in the MD/MPH program, who are exempt for the 4-week Community Health requirement (MED4409), but who must complete 28 weeks of electives: MD/MPH students may earn elective credit for their required MD/MPH rotation (see the MD/MPH program office for more information about the MD/MPH rotation).  Electives provide an excellent opportunity to help explore, confirm or prepare for one’s specialty choice. In preparation for registering for Year 4, all students should review and have their planned courses and electives approved by their advisor and/or specialty advisor.  Students who would like to choose “extramural” electives must follow required guidelines for approval. Click here to access  

Changes to clerkships, rotations, and/or electives must be requested at least 30 days prior to their start. 

To access the descriptions of the electives, please go to E-Medley, the Curriclum website for course evaluation, curriculum management, and course registration.

  1. Go to: https://he.emedley.com/tu
  2. Login using your Tulane Username and Password
  3. Go to Didactic->Curriculum Website
    e-curriculum website
  4. Scroll down to T4 Electives and click on the link
  5. Result: