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MD Program ~ Year 2 Important Dates

Class of 2024
Event Day Date Time
Inflammation Module Exam Friday April 16, 2021  
Basic Infectious Disease
Module Exam
Friday May 7, 2021  
Neoplasia / Hematology Module Exam Friday May 28, 2021  
Year 2 Begins Monday, August 2, 2021
Cardiovascular Module Exam      
Renal Module Begins      
Labor Day - No Classes Monday Sept. 6, 2021  
Renal Module Exam      
Pulmonary Module Begins      
Yom Kippur   Sept. 15, 2021  
Pulmonary Module Exam      
GI/Liver Module Begins      
GI/Liver Module Exam      
Endo/Repro Module Begins      
Endo/Repro Module Exam      
Thanksgiving Break - No Classes   Nov. 25, 2021  
Brain, Mind, and Behavior Module Begins      
Brain, Mind, and Behavior Block 1 Exam      
Winter Recess - No Classes      
Classes Resume January 4, 2022
Martin Luther King Day Monday Jan 17, 2022  

Brain, Mind, and Behavior Block 2 Exam

Brain, Mind, and Behavior Block 3 Exam      
Brain, Mind, Behavior Customized Shelf Exam      
Mardi Gras Break   Feb. 28-March 4 2022  
Comprehensive Basic Science Shelf Exam      
Customized NBME Shelf Exam, pt I      
Customized NBME Shelf Exam, pt II      
Good Friday Friday April 15, 2022  

T3 orientation week - Mandatory