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New partnership aims to enhance care for patients with bleeding disorders

July 14, 2023 12:30 PM

Tulane University is pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership between the Louisiana Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders (LCBCD) and Acadian Health, aimed at reducing unnecessary emergency department (ED) visits and hospitalizations for individuals with bleeding disorders. This collaboration will significantly improve patient outcomes, enhance quality of care, and promote value-based healthcare principles.

Acadian Health plays a vital role in supporting patients of the LCBCD, a renowned center specializing in bleeding and clotting disorders. By providing in-home assistance with blood clotting medication infusion, Acadian Health ensures that patients receive the care they need in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. In cases where patients lack access to their medication, Acadian Health providers assist with medication management and the infusion process, ensuring prompt and appropriate treatment.

This innovative approach streamlines the patient's experience by empowering them to initiate contact with the LCBCD when in need of assistance. LCBCD providers then collaborate with Acadian Health to address the patient's bleeding episode effectively. Upon arrival at the patient's location, Acadian Health providers conduct a comprehensive assessment and communicate the patient's condition to the LCBCD, allowing for tailored care planning and precise dosage of clotting factor infusion to manage the bleeding event.

“This partnership between the LCBCD and Acadian Health marks an exciting milestone in the journey towards improving the lives of individuals with bleeding disorders,” said Director of Acadian Health Benjamin Swig. “Together, we are breaking new ground in delivering patient-centered care, reducing unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations, and promoting value-based healthcare principles.”

In May 2023, Acadian Health demonstrated the effectiveness of this partnership when a patient experienced two bleeding episodes. In both instances, Acadian Health promptly responded and delivered crucial in-home assistance to the patient in coordination with an LCBCD provider. This seamless collaboration ensured that the patient received the appropriate dose of clotting factor, minimizing the need for hospitalization or ED visits.

The benefits of this partnership extend to various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. First, patients with bleeding disorders now have access to specialized care and support in the comfort of their own homes, eliminating unnecessary travel and reducing stress associated with seeking emergency medical attention. This patient-centric approach fosters a stronger sense of empowerment and control over their condition.

For healthcare providers at the LCBCD, this collaboration streamlines the coordination of care, enabling timely interventions and reducing the burden of hospital-based treatments. The direct communication between Acadian Health and LCBCD providers ensures accurate and up-to-date information exchange, allowing for the development of individualized care plans that cater to each patient's unique needs.

Furthermore, health plans benefit from this partnership through the application of Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and value-based healthcare principles. By minimizing unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations, the associated costs can be significantly reduced. The emphasis on in-home care and proactive management of bleeding events aligns with the overarching goal of enhancing patient outcomes while optimizing resource utilization.

About the Louisiana Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders (LCBCD)
Tulane University's LCBCD, a leader in bleeding and clotting disorder care, is dedicated to advancing research, education, and patient care in this specialized field. Their multidisciplinary team of experts is at the forefront of providing comprehensive care to individuals with bleeding disorders, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. The LCBCD is a federally designated Hemophilia Treatment Center, serving patients throughout their life-span with clinics in New Orleans, Metairie, Lafayette and Alexandria.

About Acadian Health
Acadian Health, a division of Acadian Companies, was founded to complete the last mile of healthcare by bridging the gap between patient and provider, offering the highest-quality at-home healthcare. With five decades of mobile healthcare experience through our ambulance division, the Acadian Health mobile community healthcare team members arrive at a patient’s location with the knowledge, skill, and equipment to act as our partners’ eyes, ears, and hands.

When you can’t be there – send Acadian Health, your partner, for at-home care.