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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences ~ Dr. Scheeringa's Lab: Quality Rating System for the Kid Catch Directory

Kid Catch


This project is creating and testing the first known online consumer-driven quality rating system about mental health providers that generates quantitative data.  The website, currently being built with help from a Magellan Seed Grant, will consist of two main parts: 

  1. Consumers can take a treatment inventory survey to describe the type of problems their children had and what type of treatments their therapists used (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy, parent management training, supportive therapy, play therapy, in-home, school-based, unknown, etc.).
  2. Consumers can report directly on treatment outcome by completing standardized, evidence-based questionnaires online at two time points in order to track change during treatment. 

These new additions will complement the existing KID CATCH Directory that was created in 2013 with funding from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s Assembly Advocacy and Collaboration grant.  The existing Directory is an online “one-stop shop” for pediatricians to find mental health resources.  

The directory was developed as an outgrowth of an integrated care initiative with the Ochsner Children’s Health Center.  One of the daily problems that pediatricians deal with is trying to refer their patients to appropriate mental and behavioral health providers.  The directory makes it easy to search for mental health providers by the type of insurance that they accept and the disorders in which they specialize.