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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences ~ Dr. Scheeringa's Lab: Additional Reliability and Validity of the Diagnostic Infant Preschool Assessment


It is estimated that 15% of one- to six-year-old children have psychiatric diagnoses.  Yet there are only two instruments to make psychiatric diagnoses in this population and relatively little attention has been paid to validation of these instruments.  One of those two instruments, the Diagnostic Infant Preschool Assessment, or DIPA (sounds like HIPAA), was created by Dr. Scheeringa and is the only one to have been tested in a clinical population and the only one to have tested functional impairment items.  The initial testing of the DIPA showed good validation and test-retest reliabilities (Scheeringa & Haslett, 2010).  

We completed a study with a new version of the DIPA that was revised to allow respondents to rate the severity of every symptom with Likert-style responses. Click to view the publication of the study results.