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Key Personnel

Head: Andrew Sholl, MD, 988-7174, Beeper: 538-2623, E-mail

Resident: Pathology Resident on autopsy call can be paged by Tulane Operator, 988-5263

Manager: Veronica Margin, 988-5937, Beeper: 538-0263

Diener: Michael Forman, 988-5787, Beeper: 538-1565


Autopsies Performed:

Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Resident and Faculty on autopsy call can be reached through Tulane Operator: 988-5263.

Weekend Autopsy Protocol

Page the resident on autopsy through the Tulane operator: 988-5263

The Autopsy at Tulane Hospital

The autopsy plays an important didactic role in every academic institution. It demonstrates the effects of disease, establishes clinico-pathologic correlations being an ideal tool for in-depth learning of all medical specialties (to include surgery and pathology) and to generate data-based quality control.


- In case of death, the Resident and/or Attending Physician notify the family and report the case to the Corner, if indicated (see below)

- If the cause of death is not forensic, or the coroner releases the case, the Resident and/or Attending Physician request authorization for autopsy from the family. When the form has been signed, Nursing Services notifies Pathology. It has been shown highly useful for the Attending Physician and/or Resident to communicate directly with the Pathology Resident on Autopsies.

- To perform the autopsy, Pathology must have the duly signed AUTOPSY CONSENT/REQUEST, the chart and other relevant documents. This material is submitted to us by Nursing Services.

- Before starting the autopsy, we review the patient’s chart and contact the Attending Physician/Resident for 1- additional information 2- special questions to be answered by the autopsy 3- Physician’s interest to be present at autopsy

- The autopsy procedure takes 3-4 hours, after which the body is available for the funerary home. A hard-copy preliminary autopsy report is ready in less than two days. The final report is in Meditech in 30 days. Physicians are invited to contact the Path Resident to discuss the autopsy findings at any time.

- All patients who have been treated at Tulane can be autopsied at Tulane Hospital, even if they die at home. (The family is responsible for transportation of the body).

- For additional questions or concerns, please contact the Path Res or the Director of the Autopsy Service e-mail.

Deaths to be reported to the coroner

-All forms of criminal violence, criminal neglect, accidents, suicides

-All drug/chemical overdose/poisoning

-Patients who die within first 24 hrs of admission, during diagnostic or therapeutic procedures or from complications thereof

-Death in legal detention, jail, police custody-including hospitalized prisoners.