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COVID Related Career Concerns

In these difficult times, it's understandable that students are feeling a lot of anxiety about their ability to Match into their chosen specialty. As you have heard many times already, you should be prepared for a Match process that looks very different from previous years. Although national conversations are still playing out, there will likely be differences in how/when students interview, the availability of away rotations, the expectations of residency programs and more. To keep you up to date, we have collected the following resources:


Careers in Medicine Specialty Response to COVID Resource

USMLE COVID Update page

NRMP COVID Update page

VSLO/Away Rotations COVID Update page

Tulane COVID updates to the curriculum


If you have a reliable resource page that you'd like to see listed, please send it to kdaquin@tulane.edu for posting. If you would like to discuss your particular situation, please make an appointment with Dr. Katrina D'Aquin