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Career Development - OB/GYN

What Does Training Look Like?

Residency lasts four years. The first half emphasizes obstetrics, while the latter half focuses more on gynecology. After four years of ob/gyn residency, multiple 2-3 year fellowships are available.

Sub-specialties include gynecological oncology, reproductive endocrine, infertility, maternal fetal medicine, urogynecology and minimally invasive surgery.

What Does a Typical Workday Look Like?

Typically, days begin with early morning inpatient rounds, or surgical cases starting at 7:30. Most general ob/gyn practice contains gyn cases in the operating room or obstetric patients on the labor & delivery unit, to half days in the outpatient clinic setting. There are some instances where providers leave their clinics to deliver a patient and then go back to clinic. Most private practice practitioners have one day a week off. Days can range from 8-12 hours, with some time each month spent on call. A typical work week depends on the type of practice.
Important Qualities and Traits

Qualities recognized as important to OB/GYN include:


  • Good bedside manner and professionalism
  • Respectful and caring
  • Effective communicator
  • Good listener
  • Humane with patients
  • Flexible with changes in planned activity
  • Ability to adapt to emergent settings
  • Good medical knowledge and good technical skills
  • Empathic, but emotionally capable and strong to handle bad outcomes
  • Humble and willing to learn from bad outcomes
  • Works well with professional staff
  • Researches and publishes
Shadowing Opportunities

There are specific days during the year that are free from T3 students being in the clinic or hospitals. Students can sign up to participate in shadowing through the OB/GYN Interest Group.
Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to directly email faculty with whom they would like to work.

Additionally, students may want to pursue research opportunities through the DeBakey Scholars Program. This program offers medical students the opportunity to pursue and complete a longitudinal, structured, closely supervised research experience culminating in a capstone presentation prior to graduation. For more information, contact Dr. Kenneth Mitchell.

Specialty Interest Group

The Ob/Gyn Interest Group is an organization that is committed to the promotion of Obstetrics and Gynecology as a future career for Tulane Medical students. Our mission is to stimulate interest in Obstetrics and Gynecology- related health issues among medical students and, by our activities, promote awareness of these issues within the New Orleans community. These activities include sponsoring lunch-hour lectures by professionals in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology to facilitate interaction between interested students, Ob/Gyn faculty and residents, and general practitioners. Our goal is to establish a shadowing program to allow those students interested in Obstetrics and Gynecology the benefits of experience.


Sarah Greene

Recommended T3 & T4 Coursework

Completing internal medicine and surgery clerkships will prepare students well for OB/GYN, although OB/GYN can be completed at any time in the year. Students interested in OB/GYN should take electives in areas that they may not have had a lot of exposure to in their clerkship. These include SICU/MICU electives, NICU electives and community health with a focus on women's health care.

List of recommended elective topics:



Breast radiology




Adolescent gynecology

Pain management

Addiction care

Pyschiatry - focus on women's health, postpartum


Specialty Statistics

Summary Statistics (from "Charting Outcomes in the Match 2020")





n = 1027

n = 159

1. Mean number of contiguous ranks



2. Mean number of distinct specialties ranked



3. Mean USMLE Step 1 score



4. Mean USMLE Step 2 score



5. Mean number of research experiences



6. Mean number of abstracts, presentations, publications



7. Mean number of work experiences



8. Mean number of volunteer experiences



9. Percentage who are AOA members



10. Percentage who graduated from one of the 40 US medical schools with the highest NIH funding



11. Percentage who have Ph.D. degree



12. Percentage who have another graduate degree








Special Considerations When Applying for Residency

When deciding upon your top programs and where to apply, take into consideration your competitiveness based on Step scores and current academic performance. Take advantage of career advisors to guide you in your pursuit of that perfect residency to improve your chances of matching. Only applying to Louisiana or the Gulf South may not be your best option.

There is no need for away rotations, but if you desire matching in a specific program or area of the country, they can be helpful.

Be honest and genuine in your personal statement. Please have someone review it and give you feedback.

Acting Internships (AI) in OB/Gyn are encouraged but not required for applying in the field. Students usually participate in the AI to solidify their decision to go into the field or to obtain a LOR. However, if the relationship with the attending is well established, completing the AI for LOR purposes is not necessary. Completing the AI in the Spring is reasonable and may be beneficial as it is closer to starting your internship. 

A letter of recommendation (LOR) will be provided by the OB/Gyn Department Chair, who will assume you successfully completed all of your core clerkships. There's no requirement to have to complete your AI prior to receiving a LOR.

Peak interview months are November and December.

OB/Gyn does not require a research elective, however research experience and publications are looked upon favorably. Additionally, in preparation for your OB/Gyn residency training, the following elective topics are considered intellectually stimulating and beneficial to your future practice.  

List of recommended elective topics:



Breast radiology




Adolescent gynecology

Pain management

Addiction care

Pyschiatry - focus on women's health, postpartum

Important Advice

Perform well in all of your clerkships with emphasis on internal medicine and surgery as a marker of how you will excel in OB/GYN.

Standardized tests are part of the medical profession and help predict who will pass their boards; take them seriously and do your best.

See "Special Considerations When Applying for Residency" for hints about scheduling the 4th year. 


Where Past Tulane Students Have Matched

Albany Med Ctr-NY ALBANY NY 2019
Albany Med Ctr-NY ALBANY NY 2020
Brigham & Womens Hosp-MA BOSTON MA 2018
Christiana Care-DE NEWARK DE 2018
Duke Univ Med Ctr-NC DURHAM NC 2019
Eastern VA Med School-VA NORFOLK VA 2018
Hofstra Northwell SOM-Lenox Hill Hosp-NY NEW YORK NY 2017
Indiana University SOM INDIANAPOLIS IN 2020
Jackson Memorial Hosp-FL MIAMI FL 2017
Maimonides Med Ctr-NY BROOKLYN NY 2018
Med Coll Wisconsin Affil Hosps MILWAUKEE WI 2019
Nellis Air Force Base LAS VEGAS NV 2020
NYP Hosp-Weill Cornell Med Ctr-NY New York NY 2021
Ochsner Clinic Foundation-LA NEW ORLEANS LA 2018
Ochsner Clinic Foundation-LA NEW ORLEANS LA 2019
Ochsner Clinic Foundation-LA NEW ORLEANS LA 2019
Ochsner Clinic Foundation-LA NEW ORLEANS LA 2020
Ochsner Clinic Foundation-LA New Orleans LA 2021
Ohio State University Med Ctr Columbus OH 2021
Pennsylvania Hospital PHILADELPHIA PA 2018
Presence Saint Francis Hospital-IL EVANSTON IL 2018
St Francis Hospital-CT Hartford CT 2021
St Joseph Hospital SCL Health-CO DENVER CO 2019
Temple Univ Hosp-PA PHILADELPHIA PA 2018
Tulane Univ SOM-LA NEW ORLEANS LA 2017
Tulane Univ SOM-LA NEW ORLEANS LA 2020
Tulane Univ SOM-LA NEW ORLEANS LA 2020
Tulane Univ SOM-LA NEW ORLEANS LA 2020
Tulane Univ SOM-LA New Orleans LA 2021
Tulane Univ SOM-LA New Orleans LA 2021
U Alabama Med Ctr-Birmingham BIRMINGHAM AL 2018
U Arizona COM at Tucson TUCSON AZ 2018
U Illinois COM-Chicago Chicago IL 2021
U Maryland Med Ctr BALTIMORE MD 2017
U Maryland Med Ctr Baltimore MD 2021
U Rochester/Strong Memorial-NY ROCHESTER NY 2017
U Southern California LOS ANGELES CA 2018
U Texas Med Branch-Galveston GALVESTON TX 2018
U Texas Med Sch-Houston Houston TX 2021
U Texas Rio Grande Valley EDINBURG TX 2018
U Texas Rio Grande Valley EDINBURG TX 2019
U Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics MADISON WI 2019
UC San Francisco-Fresno-CA FRESNO CA 2019
University of Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE VA 2019
UT Ascension St Thomas-TN Nashville TN 2021
Yale-New Haven Hosp-CT NEW HAVEN CT 2019
Zucker SOM-Northwell NS/LIJ-NY GREAT NECK NY 2019
Zucker SOM-Northwell NS/LIJ-NY Great Neck NY 2021
Zucker SOM-Northwell NS/LIJ-NY  QUEENS NY 2020
How Many Programs Should I  Apply To?

Available data suggests that a competitive candidate should apply to about 15 programs in order to match.
Current data based on Step scores:
If Step 1 > 230, 14 programs
If Step 1 = 212-229, 19 programs
If Step 1 < 211, 26 programs