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Research Opportunities

How Do I Get Involved in Research?

TUSOM students have plenty of opportunities available for getting involved in research. The most important step in the process is to connect with a faculty mentor. This page is designed to help you do that! Generally speaking, the best time to focus on a research project is during the summer between your T1 & T2 year, since you have plenty of time to do so. However, you can get involved with research at any time during your medical education. 

If you are a T1, and would like to get involved in summer research IN NEW ORLEANS, please check out these funded opportunities:

If you are a T1, and would like to get involved in summer research ELSEWHERE, please see "Summer Opportunities" on this page.

If you are a T2 or above, and would like to get involved in research, please see "Basic/Bench Research," "Clinical/Translational Research," "Population/Public Health Research," or "Call for Student Researchers" on this page. 

Basic/Bench Research

Students interested in basic/bench research should contact Dr. Diane Blake for more information.

More information on research conducted in these areas can be found here.

Clinical/Translational Research

Student must watch the following video prior to seeking a clinical/translational research opportunity

Students interested in clinical/translational research should consult the list of recommended faculty mentors below. Please contact the faculty member in charge of the project you are interested in directly. Contact Dr. Vivian Fonseca for more information. 

More information on research conducted in these areas can be found here. A list of recommended faculty mentors and their areas of research is also available here. 

Physician Scientist MD/PhD Program

Students interested in the Ph.D./MD program should contact Dr. James Robinson for more information.

More information on this program can be found here.

Population & Public Health Research

Students interested in population and public health research should contact Dr. Tonette Krousel-Wood for more information.

If you are interested in the MD/MPH program’s research opportunities, more information can be found here.

If you are interested in completing the MD/MPH program, more information can be found here.

Calls for Student Researchers

This section contains contact information SPECIFICALLY seeking student researchers. If you are a faculty researcher who would like to advertise for a student researcher, please email Dr. Katrina D’Aquin.

(UPDATED 5/25/21)

Hello everyone,


Still looking for a research opportunity this summer?  


The Clinical Neuroscience Research Center (CNRC) led by Dr. Gregory Bix, MD, PhD is seeking motivated medical students for summer research.  The CNRC was recently established at Tulane with the overall mission of developing novel therapies for stroke, dementia, and traumatic brain injury and to translate these therapies from “bench to bedside” to improve patient outcomes. 


Having research experience is a great way to distinguish yourself as you move forward in your medical career, and your background as a medical student would be valued in the lab!


We have both REMOTE and IN-PERSON opportunities available, ranging from literature reviews to benchwork, for as little as a single week or as much as the entire summer.  Successful participants will be able to produce or be included on either a poster or publication to be presented at a local or national conference.


If you are interested, just hit the reply button with a short description of what you can offer in terms of skills and time commitment, and we can start the onboarding process!


Warm Regards,


Timothy E. Gressett

MD/PhD Student, Tulane University 

tgressett@tulane.edu | 504.444.6814

(UPDATED 5/13/21)

Hey T1.5/T2s! 


I hope phase 2 has been going well for you so far. My name is Theresa Bui, and I am a T3 working on a dermatology research project on psoriatic arthritis, with Dr. Murina as my advisor. I am looking for a dedicated student who speaks Spanish and is comfortable translating documents into Spanish. If this applies to you and you are interested in getting some dermatology research experience, please send an email detailing your qualifications to tbui6@tulane.edu


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.





Theresa Bu​i

MD/MPH Student | Class of 2023

Tulane University School of Medicine

tbui6@tulane.edu | (858) 408-5855

(UPDATED 5/3/21)

Hey everyone, 


Our team is presently looking for 3-5 students to assist in conducting clinical research that addresses eye injury in ICU patients with ARDS. This project has high visibility in the Ophthalmology and Critical Care Medicine departments and relevance to several surgical specialties.


I’ve attached our protocol (also a short presentation). Please read it through and reply only if you are prepared to meet the following expectations:


  1. Willing to take “call” when a patient with ARDS presents to the ICU--which could mean going to the hospital at night to take measurements. Our team would share call, meaning you can expect to go into the hospital no more than 2 or 3 times a month. 


  1. Willing to complete all trainings and attend mandatory research meetings (i.e., CITI training, Tonopen certification).


  1. Work with our team, fulfill assignments, and show high ethical/professional integrity with data collection and patient interactions.


  1. Respect and take responsibility for all research equipment (Tonopens are EXPEN$IVE).


  1. Will be in New Orleans during the summer. We do anticipate this continuing through the school year, however, would like to get started as soon as possible.


If interested, please reply by Thursday (7/6) with a two or three sentence intro about yourself.



Dany Hage

Tulane University School of Medicine | Class of 2023

dhage@tulane.edu | 206-422-8601

(UPDATED 4/23/21)

Our liver pathobiology lab has one opening for a Graduate research student position funded by the Louisiana Board of Regents(BoR) (3 years). The research position could be started as early as June 2021. We study the autophagy process and its role in development and progression of chronic liver diseases such as Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver diseases (NAFLD), and HCC using pre-clinical and in-vitro cellular models. The lab is located in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine (SOM), Downtown Campus.



Contact email for any interested student: bkhambu@tulane.edu

(UPDATED 4/13/21)

Hi Everybody!


I am forwarding along a message from the Clinical Neurosciences Department regarding a clinical neurosciences poster week that will be held at the end of May/beginning of June. Please see below for details!


The information is below, and the google doc to sign up is



During the week of May 31-June 7, 2021,  the Clinical Neurosciences Department will be hosting a scholarly activity poster fair. Any and all projects related to neurosciences (research projects, case reports, review articles, education projects, public health projects, nutrition and exercise projects, social determinants of health projects) are welcome and encouraged to be presented in poster format from any level- undergraduate, graduate, resident, faculty, fellow, post doc, with a focus towards clinical applications. 


The event will be in the Murphy building on the 13th floor. The posters will be on display for a week so that all who are interested may enjoy the posters in a socially distant manner, as the state of the pandemic in June cannot be predicted.  If it appears safe to hold in person events, then we would have a 2 hour in person poster session the afternoon of June 3rd. 


There will be comment sheets/scoring sheets available for each poster. There will be a winner for the students and for the residents best poster announced on June 7th.


If you have any questions, please contact the residency program coordinator, Rachel Tumminello (rtumminello@tulane.edu).



(UPDATED 3/24/21)

Hello Rising T2s,


I'm a rising T4 who has been doing research with Dr. Ashley Weiss at the Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic of New Orleans over the last few years and we are looking for another student for our team. Our research aims to better understand the journeys that first episode psychosis patients undergo before receiving appropriate treatment.


The time commitment would be very reasonable (around 2 hours/week, more if you would like to be involved over the summer). You would be helping with data entry, literature review, and manuscript writing/editing. We recently submitted a paper for publication and will be starting another paper over the summer and into the fall. This research would be perfect for poster/oral presentations, DeBakey research, and/or publication experience (not to mention rubbing shoulders with Dr. Weiss, the director of psychiatric medical education at Tulane). If this sounds appealing to you, please respond to this email and answer the questions below. We are looking for one student - if multiple students are interested I will be using the question answers and zoom calls, if necessary, to find the best fit.


How interested are you in psychiatry, on a scale from 1-10?

Do you have any experience in literature review, research writing, and/or data analysis?

Are you going to be in New Orleans over the summer? If so, would you like to help over the summer?

Do you have any interest in working with the first episode psychosis population?

Do you have any experience working with patients with psychosis?

Is there anything else you would like me to know about you?


I know that research experiences are hard to come by, so don't feel shy if you don't have much experience - I didn't either when I started the project! If you have any questions about this, or anything else psych related, reach out to me. My number is 801-557-1859.




Spencer Steadman

MD Candidate, Class of 2022

Tulane University School of Medicine


(UPDATED 11/30/20)

Dear Careers in Medicine Colleagues,


The Careers in Medicine team has launched an updated Clinical & Research Opportunities database with a new look and feel.


This tool allows learners to search for clinical and research experiences offered in the summer or year-round, and filter by desired specialty or topic.


We have streamlined these filters and improved the search and sorting features to be more user friendly.


The redesigned tool is also mobile friendly and continues to be accessible without sign-in.


We hope you will share this improved resource with your students. Please direct feedback or questions to careersinmedicine@aamc.org.



Full URL to the Clinical & Research Opportunities database here: https://apps.aamc.org/cim-cr-web/#/user


Summer Opportunities

  • The AAMC maintains a database including both funded and unfunded clinical and research experiences, which can last for the summer or throughout a year.




Funding Opportunities

  • The AAMC maintains a database including both funded and unfunded clinical and research experiences, which can last for the summer or throughout a year.
  • The Warren R. Bourgeois, III, MD and Usha Ramadhyani Bourgeois, MD Student Research Endowed Fund is a generous endowment which provides support each year to one or two first year medical students for a summer research experience in the Department of Physiology. The donation provides, but is not limited to, stipends, grants, and assistance with conference attendance, travel and other expenses related to the recipients’ research experience. This research experience for medical students brings to the student a potential dual career in research as well as medicine. It reveals to the student they can be involved both in the healing of a patient and in the process of finding cures. For more information, please contact Dr. L. Gabriel Navar, Professor and Chairman, Department of Physiology, SL-8639, 504.988.5251.
  • The DeBakey Scholars Program offers medical students the opportunity to pursue and complete a longitudinal structured, closely supervised research experience culminating in a capstone presentation prior to graduation. Limited summer funding is available for projects and students who qualify. More information on this program can be found here.

Many professional societies provide competitive grant funding for research. The links below should take you directly to the grant pages for the societies listed:

A helpful resource when writing grant applications is the "How to Apply" guide by the NIH. You can link into this resource here

Publication and Presentation Information

See our Student Publication Venue guide for inspiration on where to publish.

Added 6/10/21

Call for Abstracts

ACS Medical Student Program

American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress
October 24 - 28, 2021




The ACS Division of Education invites students from all four years of medical school to present their research during the Medical Student Program Poster Session, a part of the Medical Student Program, during Clinical Congress 2021. Abstracts will be reviewed by a panel of esteemed surgical educators, and the top submissions will be invited to participate. Last year, 48 medical students were invited to present their work virtually to an international audience. Submissions are now being accepted; use the link below to submit your abstract for consideration.

Who should submit an abstract?

  • Students must be enrolled in medical school both at the time of abstract submission and on October 24, 2021
  • Research must be within one of the following three areas:
    • Basic Science
    • Clinical Science
    • Education, Innovation, or Outcomes

What should be submitted?

Abstracts will be comprised of four parts: introduction, methods, results, conclusion. Each part must be 300 words or less. Abstracts may include one table or image. Revisions are not accepted after the deadline. Please review the Medical Student Program Poster Submission Guidelines before submitting your abstracts.

How will abstracts be submitted?

The submission portal is now open. To learn more and submit your abstract, visit the submission site by clicking below.




Submission Site



Deadline: Wednesday, July 14, 2021, 11:59 pm (CDT)

Please note: late abstract submissions will not be accommodated or considered.

Technical Support: acs@support.ctimeetingtech.com or +1 (217) 398-1792

Medical Student Program Questions: bakin@facs.org or +1 (312) 202-5404

Want to receive information about the ACS Medical Student Program and other opportunities for medical students?
Join our mailing list



Added 2/24/2021

Dear Medical Student Educators,


I want to share this information regarding a student-led initiative called The Lens. The Lens is a weekly ophthalmology research newsletter that summarizes key research updates in the field from high impact journals in an easily digestible and accessible format. It is free and only requires an email to sign up. It is a great resource for medical students interested in ophthalmology to increase knowledge and engagement in the field. Please share with your respective ophthalmology interest groups and cohorts of students who are interested in the field.


Here are a few key links that may be helpful as background:



Please feel free to reach out to the co-founders at thelens@lensophthalmology.com for more information.


Thank you,

Ari Kaplan


Ariane Kaplan, M.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor

Departmental OR Medical Director

Medical Student Clerkship Director

Kellogg Eye Center

University of Michigan

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Tulane Opportunities and Resources

  • Tulane University Office of Research
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    Assistance in navigating the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Tulane is now available to faculty members in the School of Medicine, courtesy of the Office of Research.



  • General guidance on the Tulane IRB and the necessary steps to get approval for human subjects research
  • Specific guidance on the preparation and submission of:
    • Initial submissions for new projects
    • Informed consent and HIPAA documents for new projects
    • Amendments/revisions, adverse event reports, and continuing reviews for existing projects
  • Assistance in navigating IRBManager, the online platform used to manage IRB submissions at Tulane
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    If your study has an external sponsor, please contact Olayinka Idowu at oidowu@tulane.edu or 504-988-6834

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