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Microscope Workroom

3. Microscope workroom
A separated room is dedicated for microscopes and image analyses. Included major equipments are:

FYI: The following is brief description of some major equipment:
A) EVOS fl Fluorescence Microscope
EVOS fl digital inverted microscope combines advanced ergonomic design, an on-board microprocessor, LED illumination, fully integrated high-sensitivity fluorescence camera, and a highly streamlined user interface to deliver unprecedented flexibility and ease-of-use. EVOS fl on-board computer lets us capture and manage multi- channel fluorescence image data right on the microscope through "insanely" easy to use software.

One room is dedicated for microscopes and image analyses

One fluorescence microscope, another general microscope, and 3 PCs are used for digital image caption and image analyses


B) Olympus BX 41 and BX 51

Comprehensive imaging system that allows for the visualization, cataloguing, and analysis of histochemical preparations