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Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital New OrleansIn February 2019 we transitioned our inpatient services to Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. This partnership brings together pediatricians and support staff from Children’s Hospital itself, our colleagues at Louisiana State University and our Tulane pediatricians into a unique collaboration that provides exceptional care to some of the most vulnerable children in the country. Children’s Hospital is expanding to meet the growing needs in clinical care and research for all children in the state. https://www.chnola.org/about/


Tulane-Lakeside Hospital

Tulane Lakeside HospitalTulane-Lakeside Hospital houses the Tulane Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Newborn Nursery where our residents rotate. Next door are the office spaces where Tulane subspecialists run their innovative outpatient clinics and primary care pediatricians take care of their patients with the help of our residents. The clinic management has transferred to our Children’s Hospital partners while the Lakeside affiliation allows us to work with the high risk obstetrics team delivering children in need of talented neonatologists.


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Our program provides opportunities to practice in a variety of clinic settings for exposure to the diversity of demographic, social and economic populations within our community.

Lakeside Pediatric Clinic

The Tulane Lakeside Clinic building is located next to the Tulane Lakeside Hospital. It houses both primary care and subspecialty care pediatrics.  Because it is located just off of I-10, it is easy to access for patients coming from throughout the state.  Residents that have their continuity clinics here are able to follow patients that they have cared for in the NICU or newborn nursery next door.  Tulane has additional specialty outreach clinics at other locations that are visited while on subspecialty rotations.

Community and Satellite Clinics

Residents work in a variety of clinics to deliver medical care to children that otherwise do not get the care that they need.  Our residents provide much needed medical attention to undocumented and uninsured patients in Community Health Care Centers.  Venues also include the Covenant House Drop-in clinic, established in order to reach the most marginalized of our pediatric population, located on the edge of the French Quarter in the heart of downtown New Orleans.

We not only provide vital medical, case management and health education services to children who might otherwise be locked out of high-quality care, our leadership continues to play an important role in community outreach and advocacy.  We are addressing one of the overlooked root causes of academic failure and social isolation as well as working toward the day Hispanic and other immigrant children have equal access to the fundamental human right that health care represents.