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Clinical Trial Referrals

As an academic cancer center, Tulane offers clinical trials studying new treatments and approaches to prevention of many cancers.  These clinical trials are available to patients and provide cutting-edge options that may be tomorrow's standards of clinical cancer care.  Tulane is committed to maintaining the patient's relationship with their treating oncologist whenever possible while providing both the patient and the patient's physician with access to clinical trials.

If you are a physician who would like more information about referring a patient to a clinical trial protocol open in the Tulane Cancer Center Office of Clinical Research please contact our faculty member or the OCR at 504-988-6121 ocr@tulane.edu.

Below is a list of expert physicians in the Tulane Cancer Center who can help refer patients to open trials in the Tulane Cancer Center Office of Clinical Research:

Breast Cancer
Bridgette Collins-Burow bcollin1@tulane.edu

Dermatologic Malignancies
Erin Boh eboh@tulane.edu

GU Malignancies
Pedro Barata pbarata@tulane.edu
Oliver Sartor osartor@tulane.edu

Gynecological Malignancies
Jessica Shank jshank1@tulane.edu

Head and Neck Malignancies
Paul Friedlander  (pfriedla@tulane.edu)

Hematologic Malignancies
Nakhle Saba nsaba@tulane.edu
Hana Safah hsafah@tulane.edu
Francisco Socola fsocola@tulane.edu

Neurologic Malignancies
Christopher Trevino ctrevino@tulane.edu

Thoracic Oncology
Mark Sides msides@tulane.edu

Thyroid Cancer
Emad Kandil ekandil@tulane.edu